Tuesday, 20 September 2011

Now is the Winter of our discontent......

Once again an unrelated picture, just one of the endless stream of poor, unfocused evening skies I have taken from my bedroom window recently.

I hasten to add not This evening.  This evening was distinguished by very heavy rain which is often the case as Autumn lowers the temperatures and the available light.

Caught up in my usual weekly fix of "Holby City", I had forgotten that not only had I not drawn the upstairs blinds but had foolishly neglected to close the casements.
When I finally got upstairs and headed for the 'little room' alleged third bedroom (presumably for a small rodent) I suddenly spotted high on the wall by the open window..........yes, my bete noir, a large, very black spider.

For those of a nervous disposition (The Vernacular Vicar for example), I will refrain from a detailed description of the arachnid in question.  Suffice to say, I retreated at speed, headed for my trusty 'dust buster' and with only a mild hysterical screech lifted the invader and flicked it out of the window, which I then closed at the speed of light, pulling the blind down and still shuddering left the room.

Generally speaking, I like Autumn as a season, but, it is alas the season when 'things' like to enter warm dry houses to escape from the rain and wind and hopefully, take up residence. NIMBY or rather, not in my house thankyou.

It is quite useless to explain that they are more frightened of me than I am of them.  I would dispute that with my last breath, should i be able to take one.  Irrational it may be, but it is clearly 'that' time of year again and I will very quickly remember to close windows and pull blinds down while it is still light - having first examined minutely every nook and cranny first.

Much as I love most small living creatures I am quite prepared to make an exception in the case of  THEM.


  1. Ray, I love the photo. The clouds are really lovely, and also I like the way the sky is deep blue in the top right corner and pale yellow in the bottom left.

    We have creatures who like to come into our house, too. For us, it's mostly roaches. Ugh.

  2. Hi Penny
    I thought the sky was particularly beautiful that evening, but the picture does not do it justice.
    This is a good opportunity to tell you I read every blog you write still, but for some reason Google won't let me comment.
    No doubt it will adjust at some stage.

  3. I dont mind spiders(I was a Bruce before I became a Rowling) but I am absolutely terrified of Daddy Long Legs. I have now got an old fashioned fly swat,and a can of insect repellent by my bed, and a mosquito net. I sympathise entirely with you. Praying makes no difference at all, infact I am so frightened my thoughts atrophy. We need to get over it dont we, but I am irrational. So I will pray that you don't see the spiders if you will pray I dont see the Daddy long Legs.

  4. Oddly enough Margaret, I can close my fist over a Daddy Long Legs and release it outside.
    We really are a barmy lot aren't we.
    By the way, what do you mean by "praying that I don't see the spiders"? Believe me, if they are there, I'd rather know about it. Ugh!

  5. There was a spider in our bed yesterday as I was making it,I turned to get a piece of paper to lift him to a safer place and he dissappeared. We had no visitor last night, so it was either squashed by us or went somewhere safer!

  6. Oooer, the stuff of nightmares. For me, anyway.
    If I used a piece of paper to lift a spider, it would have to be the size of The Times (not the tabloid version).
    How brave you are Jenni.

  7. When I first met Pete my husband I noted he knew more about spiders than anyone I had ever met. He said "know your enemy" which still makes me laugh. Prior to this new house we inhabit we had 169 year old house in which he claimed he could hear the spiders underneath the sofa & you know he was never wrong when I investigated they were always exactly where he had pointed!
    I am available Ray for spider removal service anytime you need me!

  8. Thanks a bunch!
    I'd much prefer not to have spiders at all Shona.