Wednesday, 7 September 2011

Trivia or the stuff of life

The picture   is of a climbing rose I've had for about 15 years.  It is fairly undistinguished, pretty, slightly fragrant, not much to write home about but its name is apt for this post.  It is called "Breath of Life".

For some reason I feel quite pleased with today, so what? you might say.
 So nothing much, except that I don't have many such days so it caused me to wonder why.  What is so good about today.

An average brass-cleaning morning in St. M's, with the rector in fine, mickey-taking form.  Quiet, few helpers in, even fewer visitors, but getting off to a good start with morning prayer,  no distractions from cleaning routine, pleasant chat with one or two people, even a brief, very brief, glimpse of sun through the stained glass.

Someone came in to 'do' the flowers, found there were a lot of half-dead ones in the flower room, not yet used and was about to throw them out, when I protested I was asked if I'd like them.  Yes please i said.

So have now two large vases of pale yellow gladioli to brighten my abode, and all free!

Opened my mail and found my broadband and landline supplier has reduced my monthly direct payment by  nearly £20 per month.  Can't believe it, but I'm not about to query it.

Nipped  out in a brief bright spell and did a half an hour's dead-heading and got rid of all the debris (in my bin) before the refuse collectors turned  up.  Luckily, no-one looked in the bin - green waste verboten - got away with it.

On Friday my brother and sister-in-law will call in on their way home from a week's holiday and take me with them down to Kent for a few days.  Life is really starting to look almost attractive, today anyway.

It really is for me, anyway, the little things in the day's routine which make or break the value of life.

God has me under his wing.


  1. nice to hear you have had a good day x

  2. I, too am glad you had a good day. Funnily enough I've actually felt happy. And less stressed, maybe it is to do with the film I watched last night "Eat, Pray, Love" I'm thinking about how to do a review. Keep smiling

  3. Jane, Freda. Thankyou for your comments. It does make a pleasant change to have a light heart.
    However briefly it is on loan I'm glad of it.
    Amazingly, still feel remarkably cheerful.

  4. It sounds like a pleasant day/week.
    Love your last line!

  5. Hi Anita.
    Sometimes the wings are nearly visible.

  6. £20 per month! Now that's good news! :-)

    God bless and have a great weekend :-)


  7. So glad that you are having a pleasant time. How did you manage a £20 reduction?

  8. Love that comment.."the wings are nearly visible"..beautiful rose too. Glad this month has not been too bad. X

  9. Ron
    Hi, thanks for the good wishes, they worked, it was a lovely weekend.
    Yes £20 is a considerable reduction.

  10. Jane,
    I am indeed beginning to enjoy life again (slowly). AS to how I managed it, I guess I don't use either phone or computer as much as most people. Or else I have a particularly generous guardian angel.

  11. Thanks Jenni.
    Yes it is a good feeling to find spirits starting to rise again, after such a lengthy down.

  12. Now I can't even comment on my own blogs!
    Can't help wondering if BT Broadband reduced my monthly direct debit in order to deny me access to the site.
    Just because I'm paranoid doesn't mean it's not true!