Monday, 13 June 2011

Well, I've heard of bird-brains, but Butterfly brains?

This folks is another butterfly in case anyone is not familiar with the species.
Yes I have downloaded it (not all by myself) but there is a reasonable chance I may be able to do it again.

For all you brilliant technophiles I am not of your number (sadly), this may be apparent to the more discerning among  you, but the journey of a thousand miles starts with a single step - yes I know, I'm full of 'em aren't I.  Never an original thought!

Today should have been a singing lesson but both my esteemed teacher and I were somewhat tired and jaded and coffee and chat and a look at the computer, seemed a more reasonable option.  Hence the latest butterfly to emerge from its chrysalis.

If someone as ancient and technophobic as I, can learn just one tiny thing per week, and make it stick, there is hope for the world.

The problem with having what I choose to call not a goldfish, but a tadpole attention span is that all the hard won skills of yesterday become today's equivalent of mushy peas.

Just now and then a tiny spec of information adheres to the grey cell and clings on for dear life, let's hope downloading pictures is one such.


  1. Well done, Ray! It will come with practice.

    One tip from my 87 year-old mother-in-law, who mastered email in her late 70s and a couple of years ago finally went onto broadband and started to learn to use the internet. Whenever anyone shows you how to do something new on the computer, take detailed notes of every step of the procedure. I know it sound very basic, but she found that if she relied on her memory, she forgot a vital bit very quickly.

    She lives on her own like you, having been widowed 30 years ago, and next to her computer is a sheaf of notes for each different procedure she has been shown how to use. It takes time to make them at first and get them checked by whoever is showing you, but it's worth all the effort.

    I look forward to lots more pictures.....

  2. It took me ages to get the hang of pictures-so well done. You are no technophobe running a blog and doing all the side bits in Design. Perpetua is right about taking notes. I do that too.

  3. Yes, I do get my husband to write down instructions for everything techie, and then follow them till they become second nature.

  4. well done you :))

  5. I spend so much time trying to find out how to do magic things that I never have time to write new posts. You are achieving both those things. I am envious!

  6. Dear Ladies one and all
    Many thanks for your comments and for your entirely misplaced vote of confidence,
    At least something appears to be infiltrating my misty thought processes at last.