Wednesday, 22 June 2011

Feak and Weeble

Have just spent a truly wretched few hours suffering from food poisoning. 

There was nothing in my normal lunch, a wholemeal seeded roll with cheese tomato and spring onion to cause any such dire result, though I did have some potato salad and drank a glass of smoothie with it.

An hour later I had agonising pain in my stomach which was blown up to football proportions, and could neither sit nor walk easily.

I'll lie down for a while I thought, see if it will ease the pain.

It got steadily worse till I was groaning and sweating and then was violently sick, then again and a third time.

Beginning to think of calling an ambulance, I rang the local surgery instead and when one of the GPs rang back was advised to simply - yes you've guessed it - lie down, sip cold water and wait for it to pass.

After another delightful throwing-up session I slept for four hours like a log and woke pain free.

Sipped more water, read for an hour or so slept again for a couple of hours and apart from feeling a bit
wobbly am now wide awake, and in full insomnia mode.

Not a pleasant experience and still at something of a loss as to the cause, I am nevertheless truly gratefull for the fact that I have the constitution of an ox and get over such things in half the time most of my peers take to do so.

Scarcely a matter of great interest to any but the oddest of readers but still worth noting that we are all prone to such (fortunately rare) manifestations of our human condition.

I know it's summer solstice and I am a Celt, but really there must be better ways to celebrate.


  1. I love your labels -wobbly and shivery. They say it all. Hope you feeling better today-wish I lived around the corner and could have done something useful, so am sending you my love. You will be able to celebrate the start of summer a day late showing you are adaptable.

  2. Bless you Margaret for the kind thought.
    Actually had my annual dental check-up this morning and couldn't put it off as I'd already changed the date once.
    Luckily nothing to worry about and took taxis there and back so will now put feet up and celebrate summer very quietly!
    If the sound of pouring rain doesn't disturb my peace.