Saturday, 11 June 2011

Opera Contd......

For some obscure reason Blogger decided to cut me off in mid stream, so here is the remainder of the post:

I have't had a holiday since the year before John died (afew days in Utrecht in 2008), apart that is from a weekend with a group from St M's to Lincoln last June, which I will be repeating next weekend.

If there is anything I'd rather do than go on this Lincoln trip it is to see the whole of "Cardiff Singer" on TV.

I think my patron saint must have been looking the other way when these colliding dates were arranged, and no, I'm afraid I can't record the missing Friday (and possibly part of Saturday).  Mrs technophobe has no idea how to persuade the dvd recorder to accept the discs it keeps rejecting.

I do so wish I had been born 30 years later!

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