Friday, 3 June 2011

I Am Not A Man - Guest Post

This is blog post written by the mad curate, who is helping Ray with this blog. She can now put perty pictures into her posts and will nevermore sin by entitling her posts in a capitalised way.

I can testify, with the powers vested in me; my eyes and ears, that I am sat with a woman, not a blokey. She might have a name borrowed by male darts players, but this Ray is a lady Ray.

So let this be an end to the confusion.

Yours blogfully
The Vernacular Curate
(who is a bloke, yes siree)


  1. With a witness like that, there's no excuse for anyone now :-) Pictures are good news - they'll help your blog show up more in my blog list.

  2. Hooray! Farvah David to the rescue! Or shall we call him Mother D?

    Here's hoping for rose pics soon!

    wv: somman. Really!

  3. Pictures make a difference - and I'm sure the help is appreciated.

  4. Since this is a guest post I'm not sure who should reply to your comments Perpetua Penny and Freda, so let me just say yes The Vernacular Curate is a prince among men.
    A bit of a clown prince, but you can't have everything!
    And yes, I am very glad of his help.