Tuesday, 29 March 2011

Sharing and Shattering The Peace

This morning after a less than usually busy morning in St. M's I went into Communion (12.00 - 12.30 on Tues) and enjoyed the usual uplift in spirit I experience when taking the Sacrament.  The Peace, where we exchange hand-shakes with the others in the congregation is a friendly and heart-warming part of this.

Oddly, I always experience a feeling of well-being on taking so many hands and the aftermath is a calmer
attitude for a while.

Today, it was particularly good to get out of the house and off to St. M's for the morning as new guttering. fascia, pipes  etc are being fitted, and having left scaffolding being put in place (not I hope in the middle of my best shrubs), a peaceful morning was very welcome.

Returning home, I was met by the nerve-shattering racket of wood  beeing sawn by an industrial-size monster sitting in the middle of the drive.  As I gingerly picked my way over lengths of pipe, wood and plastic I felt like a fairly inexperienced tight-rope walker. 

Having made tea for the boys who were doing the work, I took myself out of harm's way and sat down to read my mail.  Clattering and crashing from front of house, quick check to make sure no fatal accident had occurred, and I went instead, upstairs to sit at the computer.  Lo and behold, they have finished the front and are now creating a racket out the back.  Deep joy!

By now, all the nice relaxed sense of peace has long departed, nerves are jangling, hairs on back of neck are standing on end.  What to do?  Can't really get de-scruffied and go out again, don't want to anyway.  Can't garden - no access.  Can't bear day-time TV (nor much evening TV) if truth be told.  Too noisy to read.

I know, I'll ignore the mayhem and sit and compose a deeply-meaningful blog.
Yeah well, nice idea!


  1. As they have cleared off for the evening, yes it is. But, they'll be back!
    Sadly the rain stopped them finishing off today so, more of the same tomorrow. What fun we do have!

  2. So the builders inspired two whole posts today? Well done, builders!!

  3. Not sure inspired is the word Anita. It was more an act of desperation on my part. That or implode!