Thursday, 24 March 2011

Midnight When All Good Folk Should Be Abed

Which of course explains why I am not!

Just when I thought insomnia had packed its bags for a while, it proved me wrong.  Nothing unusual in being awake when most people are not, simply a bit of a bore.

Today I vacuumed the house, did a great load of washing, some paper-work, gardened for an hour and this evening went to St. M's for the 3rd Lent talk.  This time on the St. James Bible, Bishop Alan Wilson, and very good he was too.

Not then a totally idle day, yet the overwhelming tiredness which overcomes me at times during the day never seems to result in sleeping well that night.

If this were the age in which I grew up, rather than this other one which somehow crept up on me, I would put a coat on and go for a walk.  Not a thing I would consider for a single second in this day and age.

Sadly it is a sign of the times that I never go out at night any more.  Strange how ones horizons shrink as anno domini looms large.  Odd too, that while I might just consider a short very local walk at night in mid-summer no such thing would enter my head at this time of year.

I can remember as a child, lying in bed on a late warm summer evening, windows wide open, listening to the conversations of passers-by.  Something never experienced in the past 40 or more years.  People don't walk any more it seems.

If my three brothers and I were all awake we would talk across the landing (our doors were always open) in loud 'stage' whispers untill "shut up and go to sleep, or I'll be up there in a minute" would be the parental 'voice of doom' from downstairs.

This usually resulted in a few more whispers and giggles which gradually gave way to silence, as one by one we were overcome by sleep.

Blissfull days.  I wish the secret of easy sleep had stayed on my radar,but somehow it seems to have slipped off.

It would, I'm sure, be possible to obtain sleeping-pills if I were desperate enough, but that's not a route I would choose,  Counting sheep results in my trying to work out what breeds they are, while counting backward makes me so tense the hope of sleep vanishes for good.

Any usefull suggestions would be welcome.


  1. Having done years of "night duty", you would be surprised how many people stay awake at night. I was always quite grateful when one of my patients sat up for a chat. As we grow older our sleep patterns change. We have to learn to adapt, learn to use the time for other things.

    Society says we should sleep at night,it is considered lazy to stay in bed after 7 am. Sleep when your body says sleep,crash out in a comfy chair during the day. Look forward to quiet hours at night. Look at the stars, use it as a prayer time ,maybe for a missionary family or a cause you support. Just chat to God, have a cuppa and potter. When you feel tired go back to bed. Feel free to use your day as you like,and your is too short to worry! Hope this helps and doesn't sound patronising. Jenni

  2. Jenni

    Hi, and thanks for the comment. No it doesen't sound patronising But, most of what you suggest would require a quieter mind than mine. I don't relax, nor do I much enjoy my own company
    somehow I don't find myself interesting.
    As of last week, I am now 76, though I mostly feel about 30ish, it's just the mirrors which show me how wrong I am.
    Have almost given up on expecting to sleep but might try for some quiet prayer time.
    Again thankyou.
    Blessings Ray

  3. Sorry Ray, I have no suggestion how to cure insomnia. I've noticed I don't sleep as well as I used too? I guess that comes with old age :-(

  4. Hi Ron
    Thanks for dropping by. Everything I write has an element of 'tongue in cheek', so please don't take me or my 'problems' too seriously.
    As to the age thing, I've been an insomniac most of my adult life so it is no better and no worse than 50 years ago.
    The affects of sleeplessness are less important now than when I was working so all-in-all not that bad really.

  5. I can't sleep worth a toot either, but I just get up and read, watch TV or draw pictures. Maybe if I try hard enough I will turn into an artist. Finally I feel sleepy and then I go to bed and sleep til 9 or so. I am through fighting it.
    I have a blog, but I am burned out and can't come up with anything much. Posting pictures of the grand kids is about all I do now.

  6. Welcome Lorrene
    It's good to know I'm not the only "wrinklie" in the Blogosphere.
    On days when I have nothing to blog about (most days), I read other blogs and choose the ones I find 'speak' to me and post comments. Sometimes this results in a brief dialogue and it's always interesting to get other opinions.
    I think I'm too active physically to settle for watching TV. and the only thing I draw is my pension!

  7. Hi there, Ray. Have you seen Ann Voskamp's blog
    She tried to count 1001 blessings. Try counting 1001 beautiful, interesting, lovely, stimulating inspiring things instead of sheep. That always changed my mental state.
    Like you I have never been a good sleeper, but I now resort to herbal pills from Boots, Nitol, and sleeping pills once or twice a month, when I am wide awake and it's midnight!
    Prayer at night can be quite fruitful--uninterrupted hours!!
    Also in line with Jenni, I don't sleep until I am really tired (never before 11.30) and take a short nap (or 2) for 15-20 minutes if I flag during the day.
    Don't worry about imsomnia. That's probably the worst thing you can do, as you know!!

  8. Thanks for making the effort Anita, but I don't take pills chemical or other for sleeping and don't really worry about insomnia as such. It is so much a part of my life that I just regard the occasional solid four hours as a small miracle and moan and whine my way through my blogs about the rest.
    If all else fails, as it's Sunday tomorrow I can always sleep through the sermon!
    Joking honestly!