Friday, 18 March 2011

Raindrops KEEP Falling on my Head

Time to air yet another peculiarity.  Yes I know there are some things which should not be shared with anyone but those closest but I have to let this one out of the bag.

Take a deep breath folks,  I have an aversion, almost a phobia, about getting wet.

There,I've said it.  Sorry to disappoint you , you can turn off now.

Ever since childhood I have done everything in my power to avoid getting wet.  (Yes I do take the odd shower) but have always detested rain.

My mother who was something of a stoic used to laugh at my lamentable excuses for not turning up for anything which involved getting wet.  Umbrellas, wellies made absolutely no difference whatever and if it was in any way possible to duck (pun intended) out of even a long-standing arrangement, I would do so.

If as inevitably happened sometimes, I got caught by 'the enemy' my mood for the whole of that day was to say the least, grim.  No attempt to talk me out of it, laugh at me, make me laugh at myself could ever make me feel other than severely 'put upon'.

Today, being a fairly lazy day, I had decided to go into town, there'll be a fine on my library books otherwise, and I need one or two odds and ends which I can only obtain in town, but, as this will involve a walk round to the bus-stop (all of quarter of a mile) and since it is now RAINING I've decided to wait an hour or so to see if it improves.

It is not very wet, neither is it cold, but there is that stuff which the met office calls precipitation, and I aint going out in it.

Does anyone know of a prayer, spell, charm or anything at all which might make it go away?

Please, not "rain rain go away, come again another day"  for some reason it doesn't work!


  1. When my 21 year old daughter was 5 ,her head teacher told them the story of Noah. She said that God flooded the earth because there were bad people on it. She concluded by saying that there were still bad people on earth. Harriet used to sob if it rained thinking it could happen again.

    She says that she still feels that little flutter of fear now when it starts to rain. Maybe someone traumatised you too! :)

  2. Thanks for sharing that. Now I have an excuse!

    I had thought perhaps I was a cat in a previous existence.

  3. Interesting post. I am looking forward to being a new follower.
    Take care

  4. Long may it rain over us but at least god saved the queen. RX

  5. Grandma Yellow Hair
    Welcome to my 'disturbed' world. Hope you'll call again.

    Thanks for the pun, well down to your usual level!

  6. Sorry to hear that you dislike getting wet so much, but thanks for being honest. It is adding to other promptings to make me be honest about certain things on my own blog. It is good to share the less than positive things sometimes. And be assured you are not alone - I live in a very wet area of Scotland and I get so tired of it.

  7. Hi Freda

    Being honest is not a problem for me, rather when not to be too honest is the real problem.
    That's not to say I never 'bend' the truth, but, asked a direct question find it simpler to tell the truth.
    Since my blog is almost a diary it tends to be "warts and all".
    I really do sympathise with you as regards your inclement climate, perhaps the magnificent scenery makes up for it a little.

  8. PS Sorry Freda and other 'readers'.I've just realised how smug that last reply sounds. I do apologise.
    What I meant to imply was not that I have never been known to lie, of course I have, but that the blog is meant to be open and without subterfuge.
    Creeps away into corner to eat large chunk of humble pie!

  9. I adore getting wet!! It's romantic to me. But it's hard to shake off hang-ups. About ten years or so ago, I discovered I liked to sit in aisles, and get uncomfortable if sandwiched between other people in church, or an airplane etc. It's irrational, so giving myself a rational talking to doesn't do much good!!

  10. Hi Anita
    It sounds quite reasonable to me not to want to be the 'filling' in a people sandwich and aisle seats allow leg-stretching which is not possible in the middle.
    So maybe not quite a phobia (unless of course) it could be one of the many facets of agoraphobia. Just a thought.