Tuesday, 25 January 2011

They've Done It Again

Did I happen to mention a couple of things?  (a)  I have a tiny problem with insomnia (b) I'm addicted to some TV programmes.
Well, since (a) has me in its grip once again, it seems a good time to have a moan about the latest "atrocity" perpetrated by the writers of "Silent Witness".
Now this is a series which is normally interesting, different and with for me, the additional attratction of the lovely Tom Ward.  Therein lies the rub. They've only gone and killed him haven't they?
What a mean, spitefull, cruel, vicious (did I say mean?), thing to do.
For afficionados of the series, there has recently been much speculation about whether he and the female lead played by Emilia Fox were at last going places.  That might now be a little difficult.
I know the story-line has to be constantly tweaked to keep viewing figures up but really, this is a tweak too far!
Yes, I do know Shakespeare regularly annihilated his heroes (and heroines) - Romeo and juliet to name but two, but just because he hated his creations so much that he couldn't wait to get rid of them doesn't mean the precedent was set for all time.
As Silent Witness is not science fiction I suppose that means our hero is unlikely to be retrieved from Hades or wherever and his lovely dark eyes will never more grace the screen,  What a rotten trick!
If it were not unladylike I'd spit!
Spttt !