Thursday, 20 January 2011

".........and the greatest of these is love"

I received a letter today from a woman I have met only once or twice many years ago.  She is married to a man who was one of my husband's team of 'reps' about 20 years ago.
Her husband was injured in a car accident very seriously and while receiving treatment picked up a bug which very nearly killed him.  It has left him with several severe problems, mobility, speech and others which make life supremely difficult for both of them.

Her letter told me in detail but without a word of complaint or bitterness, just how vital her full-time care of every single detail of his life has been,  She has single-handedly polished, burnished and maintained their love for each other and told me with real joy how close they still are and that it was her faith which gave her the strength she needed and which in turn has helped him to learn to walk again.  They are now looking forward to celebrating  their 50th wedding anniversary later this year.

When I last met them in the late 70's we were on a Thames River Boat, dining and dancing with a crowd from Decca.  We were all comparatively young none more so than this very good-looking lively couple who danced the night away and were so fit and healthy. 

Life plays some cruel tricks on some people, but how we deal with disasters large and small is very much down to strength of character and when this is reinforced by faith and the love of God is a recipe for success.

Love whatever its source is probably the greatest motivator of good human behaviour.  Without it we are hollow.


  1. This is such a poignant and beautiful love story. I hope and pray they reach the 50th Anniversary and can celebrate it thankfully.

  2. Me too Freda. I wouldn't normally write about something so 'close to home', but the letter got to me and as they don't know I'm a blogger and I never name names I hope that excuses this exception.