Monday, 10 January 2011

Change - Fight or Flight or Just Accept

Like I suspect, most people, I dislike and fear change.

Yet if we are to live any sort of life in the real world we are going to meet with change at regular intervals. How we cope with that depends on a  number of things: Have we been consulted or involved with the re-structuring, has it been forced by the departure of a particular person, is it necessary for the success of whatever venture we are talking about for the structure to alter?

There is the fear of proving inadequate to the task expected of us.  There is the inevitable "new broom" affect.  There may be personality clashes, disagreement about methods, having to change one's own attitude to accommodate someone else's ideas.

As I am currently faced with such a situation, having first of all thought of 'throwing in the towel', then realised that it would be cutting off my nose to spite my face, the next problem was, having rejected flight, whether to fight for some continuation of the old system or on reflection to simply try to accept that this will be yet another learning curve to add to the many I have taken on in the past year.

Since the original idea of volunteering to do this few hours a week was to lighten the load of extreme loneliness suffered since my husband's death and to try to make new friends, it would make no sense at all to abandon such progress as I've made thus far only to have to start again from scratch elsewhere.

There are many lovely people in this social group whose friendliness and acceptance of a total outsider has proved a total blessing to me and it would be rank ingratitude to reject their kindness.

So, all-in-all it appears that the decision is made.  Look out St. M's, I'm here to stay!


  1. Excellent news. I sense that you have become part of the happy fabric of the place, and a person whom new brooms should seek to assimilate into the ongoing processes of change.

    Put another another, don't be the passenger in the changes there, be part of the negotiation!

  2. Easier said than done, but will try. Thanks.

  3. Well done - I hope and pray it all works out. Any church is a mix of good, poor and indifferent things, but overwhelmingly it is about love. So stick with it. Every Blessing

  4. As ever Freda, thanks both for the comments and the Blessing.