Tuesday, 11 January 2011

Things that go bump in the night

Have just been woken (1.45am) by a most tremendouse crash which had me jumping out of bed and tearing downstairs as though all the devils in Hell were after me.
A bit of an extravagent reaction I admit, but also my usual one to any odd nightime disturbance.  My husband sensibly, used to take his time listen to hear whether the noise was repeated, then torch (kept beside his bed) in hand creep downstairs as quietly as his size 12 slippers would allow.

Being of a less relaxed temperament, my instinct is always to act first, then think, if at all, later.

He always said "wait, it's better to know what is in the house before charging in, all guns blazing".  Right of course, just not my way.

On most occasions it would prove to be some minor accident, particularly when we had cats, like a stool being knocked over, or a shelf losing a book or two, but on one memorable night a fox got in through the cat flap and was chased all round the sitting-room before escaping the way he got in.  We saw it flying up the garden absolutely terrified while our two mogs fur standing on end and equally terrified stared at us as though we were the intruders.

Tonight, finding nothing out of order downstairs I returned up the stairs looking everywhere for a clue and discovered in the bathroom, lying on the floor on the shower...............I really ought to leave it here  and leave you guessing, the self-adhesive (alleged) hand-grip which had come 'unstuck' from the tiles.

What an anti-climax!  Nerves too jangly to go back to sleep (after about only 3/4 of an hours sleep anyway) decided to get it out of my system here.

Why is it always night-time when these inanimate objects decide to exercise their right to misbehave?


  1. And why is it always night-time when we hear the creaking of pipes in the loft and think that it is mice? Glad it turned out to be nothing untoward.

  2. Freda if I heard creaking in the loft I would be half way to the next county in ten seconds flat. I said I was impulsive not barmy!

  3. One of the really great things about cats is you can blame all and any strange noises on them. When I didn't have a cat the peculiar sounds the house makes at night had me scared senseless. I saw would-be murderers, yes foxes, thieves, time travellers and Anubis, I was sure it was Anubis, I could see his snout in the moonlight just around the corner of my door. Shortly after that I went to the cat shelter.

  4. When you say you went to the cat shelter, I am assuming you weren't looking for a change of residence?
    I do know what you mean though, have had cats all my life until 2 years ago. May see if one will adopt me again. Welcome to "Daydreamer"
    also known as the asylum!