Wednesday, 15 September 2010


As the total disappearance of my four previous blogs will confirm, I am a total technophobe. If
any person knows of any good reason why I should be let loose on a computer they must state it now.

Never having met one before this must make me unique in my neighbourhood. How does someone with the digital competance of a dead bat learn to use this fascinating, terrifying machine ?

By trial and error that's how!

Since declaring my intention to get aquainted with technology many people have made offers of
help, however very few have lived up to their promised help and I am floundering in a mud¬bath of instructions advice and long¬distance verbal assistance.

Since on¬line information appears to be in Serbo Croat or something similar, and in any case
requires the ability to actually get on¬line in the first place progress is agonisingly slow.

If anyone out there has any real advice I'd be glad to hear it (assuming of course that this
actually gets "out there" this time.




  1. You have been very brave to keep going with the blog and in keeping trying to build a life after the death of your husband. I'm hooked now. Every Blessing

  2. Thankyou, all Blessings gratefully received.
    Glad you're hooked, I'll try not to disappoint.