Wednesday, 15 September 2010

The Power of the Inanimate over the Inadequate

In many ways there is a horrible fascination in banging your head repeatedly against the brick
wall created by total incompetance and fear of all things technical.

There is the lure of the unknown which encourages the foolhardy to imagine they have the key
to an unfamiliar technique, quickly followed by humiliation, rage, sometimes a hissy-fit but
ultimately total frustration.

Why are some people able to leap ahead of others with the agility of a mountain goat while others never quite get the hang of it?

Sadly I am one of the latter and my new love affair with the computer is rapidly losing its
attraction. I shall get me to a nunnery, assuming there's one that will take me, there to
intercede with the god of inanimate objects on behalf of the victims of Machiavellian

This may well be my last excusion into the world of blog.

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