Saturday, 25 September 2010

Melancholia (Glass Half-Empty Syndrome

For those of us with an introspective bent the title of this piece is a central thread which twines ( I won,t say courses) through our daily life. Negativity, in all its soul-destroying bleakness often seems the only response in a world of perplexing questions.

Knowing how destructive this force can be is no remedy for treating the disease. Think about that word dis - ease, a perfect description for the wretched state of mind it portrays.

A poor sleeper at the best of times, I have currently been having a series of nightmares when I do actually manage a few hours sleep. These in the main, consist of being lost in various locations with which I am totally unfamiliar; the latest for some obscure reason being Edinburgh.

No doubt a host of explanations could be offered for this odd state of affairs, some of which I'd rather not think about, but at present a cure appears out of reach.

This is, I realise, hardly the stuff of light entertainment, but then I'm not a court jester and have my own opinions as to what should or should not appear in a blog.

Not, in my view, merely a means of public massaging of one's ego, nor just an exercise in light-hearted "look how funny I am" efforts to amuse the wider world (should anyone actually read your stuff ) but also a way of verbalising one's own angst. Especially if like me, there is no-one in whom to confide this sort of inner dialogue.

Aware though I am, that this is only a 'dip', and that the merest touch will quite easily lift the current downward trend and put life back on course again, yet still it is perhaps a good thing for all of us to recognise that there are people with whom we are in daily contact who may be suffering from the "black dog" syndrome and to whom a smile and a friendly gesture can make all the difference to the day.

A long and miserable diatribe, and not one I would normally put in print, but just now and then it seems necessary to let life's "Pollyannas" know that there are other attitudes to life than the "every cloud has a silver lining" one and that for some of us - every silver lining has a very large very black cloud attached.

Now that I have successfully depressed half the population life suddenly looks much better!

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