Wednesday, 15 September 2010

Saint Swithun

Is it just me , or are there others 'out there' who sometimes wonder why those created Saints for apparently good reasons at the time, are only remembered for rather unpleasant reasons. In my beleagured thinking this list includes the late (and by me at least, unlamented) Saint Swithin.

This August would I think cause almost anyone other than a duck, to wish the aforementioned Saint to pack his bags and leave his place in Heaven and take up residence somewhere more appropriate - the Lake District or a Rain-forest perhaps.

Are we never to see the sun again or am I just a tad overwrought?

Seriously though. Does anyone know anything good about the above-named ? If so, please enclose answers in a water-proof envelope.


  1. My mother never fails to cite the 40 days thing.

  2. Yeah, I know just what she means but that merely reinforces my view that there was no good in the soggy fellah!

  3. PPS I have read the reference you kindly quoted and yes, he did have his good points, however, 40 days is surely a little excessive?