Saturday, 16 March 2019

Tempus Fugit (or something)

Today is my 84th birthday.

I can't believe  it - until I look in a mirror.

Putting my birthday cards up on the shelves of a bookcase I was struck once again by their dimimishing numbers.

As more and more friends family and contemporaries fall off the twig I find myself looking nervously over my shoulder.

Many of we survivors say the same thing as we move closer together to  fill the gaps on the twig.

There are many good things about ageing in this day and age, unlike 100 years or so ago.  We have bus passes, free TV licences (at present), and are given priority when using emergency call-out services, but, the price is high.

Failing health is for many/most of us a major factor in our daily lives but for some of us, myuself included this is not the worst problem.

Maybe I am generalising but I have heard quite a few of my friends say that loss of confidence in dealing with everyday issues is becoming a barrier to living life as  it should be possible to  live it.

This morning my birthday gift from my household demons was to  be greeted with a flood in the garage.  It took a second or two to realise that my freezer had thawed and was continuing  to do so.

Spotting that the light on the plug was not on and that there was none on the freezer either I knew It was time for urgent action.

One of my neighbours was at home so I begged some time from him to clarify the problem.  He checked the plug and wall socket and told me the freezer was basically 'dead'. 

Removing around 100 pounds worth of food and putting it into black  sacks I realised that I do not really need a freezer at all.

I keep buying things and filling it up but seldom use anything from it and can, with care,  manage perfectly well without it.

Now the problem is going to  be disposing of the freezer. 

Oh the joys of being an ancient crone unable to drive and with limited muscle power.

Happy Birthday Ray.!.


  1. Best wishes to you on your birthday, quite agree about lack of confidence and I am a bit younger than you. Am trying to emulate you and keep up blogging with Blogger, so many have stopped so the viewing numbers and comments are low.

  2. Thanks for the good wishes PixieMum and don't stop blogging. There are fewer of us than there were, but now we have quality rather than quantity (I think).

  3. A very happy birthday old ones are the survivors and we have a lot to celebrate.
    I hope your day goes well. Xxx

  4. Apart from the freezer disaster it went very well indeed Jean.
    Strangely I don't feel 84 or anything like it today.

  5. Your freezer contents may be on your house insurance - worth a look!

  6. Thanks Rat Bites but honestly I can't be bothered. I will write it off as just another experience . These days I find many things just not worth the hassle.

  7. Happy belated birthday Ray. xx

  8. Thanks Sue, they keep happening!