Saturday, 1 December 2018

Advent Again

So, here we are again, the first Sunday in Advent tomorrow, kicking off in usual St Mary's style with a morning Eucharist followed by the Mayor's carol service at 5.30pm .

In the morning the anthem will be "O thou the central Orb" (not a favourite of  mine, and in the evening we will sing my favourite carol of all time "Jesus Christ the apple tree".

I try not to complain too much about singing hymns I don't like because there is always a compensatory one to balance it.

Our Friday evening choir practice was hard work, with half the crowd of regular volunteers erecting and decorating the two huge Christmas trees which will greet tomorrow's congregation.

Singing over the racket of hammering and noisy instructions all added to the general chaos, but somehow, as it  always does, the music was worked through and the c hurch ready for Advent by 9.00pm.

There is something magical about the twinkling lights on the trees and the ring of Advent candles lifted on its pulleys so that it sits high above the chancel ready to be lowered for the first candle to be lit on Sunday morning.

There really is something to be said for ritual.


  1. Dear Ray, yes, I believe ritual ties us to the past, enriches us with those past moments spent within the ritual by countless people who have gone before us. And ritual adds us to their number and offers us all to the future. Peace.

    1. Nicely put Dee. I think that is how I see it too.

  2. Time for "Hills of the North" again! I cannot abide "Lo he comes with clouds descending". Will be playing for a Carol Service and Benediction tomorrow even though I dislike incense. I'll be glad when Christmas is over. Bah - humbug.

  3. Oh dear Colin, it's a long time (in church hours) till then. Brace yourself!