Sunday, 9 December 2018


Does this look familiar?

Well it should.!

This is my default self-portrait for this time of year, and once again I am enjoying all the multiple joys of the annual Advent Cold Virus.

Streaming nose and eyes, 'orrible' cough, sore throat, explosive sneezes loud enough to blow the roof off and last but by no means least hot sweaty body.

It would be so nice to experience just one Christmas period without my regular companion but it appears to think I am a welcoming host.

Like many people my age an effective immune system is a thing of the past and every virus looking for victims heads my way with the world's best sat-nav.

It is of course, the busiest time for St M's choir (probably where I picked this up), and should I feel well enough to venture out tomorrow (impossible) I would also have the 1st Reading in addition to a morning's worth of Advent singing.

Apologies have been phoned and a substitute reader found, and just to add to my joys I have had to call out a plumber - who can't come until Monday - to repair a leak in a pipe in the bathroom.

This, in turn, means that even in the unlikely event of the virus having moved on, I will have to stay home all day and cancel my Monday stint at St M's.

As this is the day when my cleaner normally comes there is yet another phone call to be made and new arrangements to be made.

All this when I feel like something the cat dragged in.

Deep joy.

If anyone ever discovers a cure for the common (Oh so very common) cold, they should be given the Nobel Prize.


  1. Looks like nobody has commented for fear of catching your cold! The pupils at school have all had coughs and sneezes but nothing too serious. We have broken up now.

  2. Enjoy your peace while you can Colin, I'm sure you've earned it.
    My virus has virtually gone thank goodness.
    The plumber has fixed the leak and the household demons are giving me a break (till the next lot).

  3. Dear Ray, colds truly make us feel miserable and leave us wondering if maybe being knocked out for a period of a few days wouldn't be better than the sneezing and stuffy head and aches and pains and general malaise. I hope you are much better now and able to take part in all the Advent and Christmas events. Peace.

  4. Thankyou Dee, I am much better and took part in the "Nine Lessons and Carols " at St M's this evening.
    It was a lovely service and we all enjoyed it including the congregation.
    Lots of compliments about our singing of the "Lux Nova" a truly beautiful piece.
    Midnight Mass will be the next big challenge, the rest is plain sailing, thank goodness.