Monday, 10 April 2017


This lovely Hosanna is the one we sang yesterday, Palm Sunday.

Since we have sung it in one or two previous years it didn't need too much polishing, and I think, we did it justice.

The same however, cannot be said for the rest of the service.  For me and for quite a few others, it was perhaps the least satisfying Palm Sunday ever.

Our current incumbent is a horse of quite a different colour from the previous one/ones.

By no means everyones' first choice in style and with it seems, little regard for the traditions of our particular church he dithers, changes things at the last moment, leaves others to organise and then steps in and alters things at the last second.

The result being a chaotic mish/mash of what has gone before and totally new ideas.

There is no way we can influence him or persuade him to simply follow what has gone before, nor is it our place to do so, but, these days I leave church on Sunday feeling ruffled and irritated and thoroughly bad-tempered.  This I'm sure is not the way to start the new week.

Either I need a magic wand or a personality replacement so that I can happily accept this wholly alien
approach to prayer.

Suggestions welcome.  (I think) !!


  1. My condolences and welcome to the Fellowship of Gritted Teeth: we've got one of those too. Lots of good stuff in his first year(proper prayer groups, re-boot defunct children's ministry, shorten and improve route of Palm procession, put Stations along perimeter for Holy Week readable by passers-by on main road, etc) but both ignorant of liturgy and apparently unwilling to find out why things are done before simply binning them, along with our beautiful sets of vestments. Has seen off (apparently quite ruthlessly) both our organist and organ scholar as well as one Lay Reader and a couple of servers. Worst pain for me: he demands we CHEER and whoop like a game show when he merely announces the notices, as if it's an achievement to get that far in the Eucharist - sorry, Communion! - without falling over. I'm not so po-faced I won't cheer a genuine reason like a really good fundraise or a big-number wedding anniversary, and I miss having Baptisms in the service so we can cheer and clap the new member too - but that one REALLY grinds my gears in the middle of the Lord's Supper when we are remembering the unspeakable price that was paid to ransom all our lives.
    May the Spirit rub off all our edges, teach us patience and do the Lord's business with us in spite of all our differences. And at least we aren't being bombed or shot at :(

  2. Oh dear, you sound to be in worse shape than me. How is that even possible?
    I fear that we too are being evangelised by stealth but that could just be paranoia.
    Amen to your last paragraph.

  3. Oh dear, not an easy one! Could a small group of you talk to him, making sure all criticism is constructive and you say how much you appreciate so many things?Is his heart in the right place?I always think that overcomes a multitude of faults.

    1. As it is only a couple of weeks since one other person and I tackled him about the length of his sermons I feel he needs a bit of time to absorb and process that one, so, perhaps not yet. As for his heart being in the right place, I hope so but am not too sure.
      His admirers (and he has some) say he is "lovely" pastorally.
      For me his sweetness is a tad saccharine, but that may be my prejudice again.
      Thanks for the suggestion Sue.

  4. The vicar at the church I attend (I'm not a member) is leaving soon. I wonder who they will get as a replacement? If anyone demands I cheer and whoop like a game show, I am outta there...

  5. If forced to wave my arms in the air there is a distinct possibility there may be a grenade at end of one of them.

  6. Oh is very difficult to step in I know having done it several times myself in the past.
    Our present incumbent also goes on for far too long....I don't. Ahem.
    My sermons are seldom longer than ten minutes. His are around twenty five...I'm told....
    Drop a few hints are a tactful woman I know!
    I find myself stating firmly..."the tradition in this church has always been.....etc." Often it gets through, but not always!

  7. Sadly Jean I don't think I am going to be able to make any impression on this individual, despite his apparent sweet fluffy attitude he seems to have the hide of a rhinoceros.

  8. Woop? Well, I can say for sure that you can find that kind of silliness in our church as well, as well as clowns, balloons and God knows what. I claim however, that none of you would last very long in an average service here. We do have churches where traditional liturgic expressions are held high, but mostly we tend to have an experimental state of mind. The new handbook has been out for trial twice already, creating riots in some places and whoops in most. We are rather lost as for now. Its been ages since the services where the same everywhere, something to rest in and learn by heart. I envy you the inheritage you have, and am sorry that some young ministers create such a turmoil in you hearts.
    Of course you can speak to him, Ray!!! Adress the rhino but use the words you would use to a beloved brother in Christ, who is loosing his way in the fluff. Your friend Rat Bites is very right, we have our mission and need to be focusing on that. And we are not being bombed, thank God!! What a lovely tune, Ray!! Today on Good Friday we sang Ave Verum by Elgar. Blessings!

  9. Hi Fairtrader, we also sang Ave Verum today in a half-hour programme of mixed pieces. Some Taize, two anthems and 3 hymns.
    Today's Solemn Liturgy went very well and for once there were only very minor hitches.
    Who knows, maybe the wind of change is blowing through the clouded mind of our leader.