Sunday, 30 April 2017


This ancient recording (courtesy of You tube), is one i adored as a child/teenager.

I haven't felt much like blogging for a while, and see no point in writing even more uninteresting stuff for others to read than usual.

Nothing is particularly wrong, but neither is it particularly right.

Interesting things seem to be happening to at least some of the people I know.

Not to me.

This is not a lament.

It is not a complaint.

I don't want 'my money back'

I just want something interesting to happen.

Can't be bothered to make up a tale or invent  a story or imagine something - anything.....

Please forgive my self-indulgence and I promise to do better soon.

Meanwhile, please play this recording.. Says it all really.


  1. Did the last comment work? I am not sure why I tell the world about myself; it gets it off my chest I suppose.

  2. Sorry Colin, not sure which comment you mean?

  3. Love this song. Have to say I am pretty busy at the moment,just as well really, not sure my life is exactly interesting or exciting though.

  4. Glad you like the song Sue. It is my 'fed-up' go to.
    On the whole I think 'busy' is good, just don't let it become too busy.

  5. Never heard this one, Ray, but it sounds a bit like some of the parts of Preachers book in the bible, you know " man has no joy under the sun but to work and eat..". The lyrics fit well in, I think.
    But I believe the social network is overloaded with posts about absolutely nothing, because most of the time nothing, but life itself, happends. Sadly enough, that facts sometimes gets to us and keeps us a while under that damp, smelling horseblanket ( never had one...)
    So , I hope you will listen to this tune for a while and then clean it out of your heart and let the sun back in!!!

  6. Ouch, you are in a real bad state!!! Let me know when you rediscover it and I will pray for a hasty recovery. Still, you ARE allowed to feel bad from time to time, life isn't always roses and smiles. Blessings!!

  7. Wish I was nearer, Ray. I would invite you around for a nice meal. Not that a meal with me would necessarily make you feel less fed up but it would be worth a try:)

  8. It is OK the 1st comment didn't go anywhere.

  9. Fairtrader, Sue and Colin. apologies for joint reply but really I am simply under a blackish cloud at present. No cause for alarm or even much sympathy.
    Will shake it off soon.
    Thanks for goodwill.

  10. Sun reached you yet, Ray? The larch is calling over the meadows and I am hoping for some serious shaking off... be gone, blackish clouds!!!

  11. Just the odd glimmer here and there Solveig, By the way in England a larch is an evergreen tree. Do you mean lark?
    Clouds currently grey, so getting lighter.

    1. Correction. Larch is a deciduous tree. The things I don't know are legion.!

  12. Yes, I do indeed!!! What ever would I do without you? I'll go back and correct my latest post at once! We have larch trees as well but use the same spelling for the bird!! I'm glad the clouds are grey, could I perhaps pray for the odd little wind blowing them away?

  13. Just touching base to check everything is OK with you, Ray? Sending warm thoughts your way.

  14. Thanks Sue. I'm OK, just a bit flat at present. It will soon pass.

  15. Goodness I haven't heard this for years and years, but am marking it as a favourite in youtube!