Saturday, 25 March 2017


This morning I saw a Reed Bunting in the garden.

Normally I get a flock of six or more throughout the Winter months, a nd by Spring they have vanished.

Not so this year.

Everyone keeps saying what a very mild Winter we have had, and, to an extent I agree, but  when we should have had ice an snow (Jan-Feb) we had very warm days with more sun than usual and plants, birds every type of wild-life started to make ready for a new season.

Since then we have had a number of setbacks, extremely cold and strong winds and lashing rain followed by sunny mild days and cold nights.

The 'Met Office' says the first day of Spring is 1st of March.  We who have been around a while, and are in 'touch' with our historical roots know better.

The 1st day of Spring coincides with the Spring equinox (21st of March).

The 'Met Office' says tonight the clocks go forward one hour which is the beginning of British Summertime.

We know that Summer begins with the Summer Solstice (21st June) or thereabouts.  Quickly followed by Midsummer's Day!!!!!

No wonder the birds are confused.  So am I.  

I have just tried to do some cutting back of dead wood on some easy to reach shrubs, lured outdoors by the brilliant sunshine, only to give up after 10 minutes of battling a freezing and very strong wind.

My daffodils are lying face down in the garden waiting for the wind to go elsewhere when hopefully they will lift their frozen little faces up to the sun.

If this is global warming what on earth will happen 10 years hence?

Will the weather have changed beyond recognition, will Summertime even exist, or for that matter
will we?


  1. It has indeed been a confusing few months weatherwise, Ray. At the weekend it was beautifully sunny and warm here in Wales after frosty nights, but since then there has been a really bitter easterly wind. Brrr!

  2. Yes the East wind is evil isn't it? I fear for the poor Spring flowers but short of putting a roof over the garden I can do nothing to protect them.

  3. 19 degrees celcius in south of Sweden, more, almost 20, it's the highest in 250 years they say, back in those days we grew pineapple in the courtyards!! We also had some 8600 cranes hopping about this weekend, they have some particular lakes where they celebrate the art of ballet and shrieking....the robins we have in the garden make such gentle noice in comparison. East wind is bad enough, Perpetua!!! And Ray, the spring flowers will stand tall, I hope!!!

  4. Well, it's not often that I wish our weather was coming from Scandinavia but now seems like a good time to make that wish.
    The wind here is still very strong and cold and my poor daffodils have been cut and put in a vase. Such a pity, they don't last long in water, but they were getting their little faces dirty lying in the dust so I had no choice.
    I have never seen a crane, they must be quite a sight - and sound

  5. 21st March is my birthday and I was brought up being told it was the first day of spring. The spring is here and starting to fly past. Blessings from Dalamory

  6. Happy belated birthday Freda. Mine is 16th of March so not only is it still Winter, but worse. it always falls in Lent.
    Not a time for celebration really.
    Today we have a grey windy not very warm day, so April is not producing its showers at present.
    As I said in my title = confusing!
    Blessings to you also.