Thursday, 9 October 2014

The one that got away

Just a very brief word from my extensive stock of whimsical trivial musings.

On my favourite soap-box, criticising the wording of TV ad's.

Have just seen the umpteenth version of one of my pet rants.

Presenter proudly holds aloft bottle, spray, canister of product with the reassuring words " XXXXX kills 99% of bacteria.

Which means that the product does everything but what you want it for.

It is not the weak, feeble mostly harmless bugs we want to be rid of, it's the 1% powerful malign monster which the spray cannot touch.

When oh when will advertisers actually read their own ad's.

Phew.   That feels better.


  1. Ray, but they do kill the big, scary monsters. Didn't you watch last week's Dr Who?!

  2. Not on your life Greenpatches. I know when to be afraid.

  3. True, true. It did have its 'behind the sofa' moments.

  4. Couldn't agree more. And a rant is good for you!
    Blessings from Dalamory

  5. Thanks Freda. It's good to throw an occasional tantrum.
    Particularly if it's over something essentially trivial. Saves building up a head of steam over some of the bigger issues.
    I like to think I am a rational person generally, but petty irritations can take over your life if you don't have your say about them.

  6. Rant away, Ray! I tend to grumble loudly at the TV when some of the more idiotic ads come on...

  7. Not just me then Perpetua. Good.:-)

  8. There's nothing like a good rant. I do this more and more. My current rant is against mobile phones. I am sick of seeing students, and quite a lot of adults who are mesmerized/ welded to the things. It is anti-social/ bad manners and surfing and texting to the exclusion of conversation and reading definitely rots the brain.
    That's my rant over!

  9. And a jolly good reason for a rant too. Couldn't agree more about the disappearance of any sort of manners in the interests of pursuing an on-line life.
    What particularly bugs me is the sheer volume of very public conversations and the total absence of awareness of other people shown by the madly flickering fingers.
    It would be rather nice to be able to just lean over and push an off button.
    Face to face with actual human beings they would probably lose the power of speech.