Sunday, 5 October 2014

I feel pretty...

It's that time of year again.

Friday's choir rehearsal was extra tiring because I had a persistent cough.

Thought it was just my usual reaction to a huge draughty and dusty church.

Saturday morning taught me the error of my ways, sore throat, runny nose, sore eyes and such a pretty pink nose.

This morning I phoned the choir mistress to tell her I was hor's de combat and likely to be so for a while.  All this in a gravelly voice which would have done justice to Louis Armstrong.

Glad to go back to bed I nevertheless felt somewhat aggrieved to be missing the Harvest Festival.

There is a particularly pleasing arrangement of all the donated 'goodies', and I have missed it.  Not fair!

It happens around this time most years so I shouldn't be too surprised but it is very disappointing to attend  all the run-up to the day and miss the main event.

From here on the musical part of the church escalates week by week, as extra services pile up and more and more demands are made on our time and vocal resources.

Luckily we have a lot of new members, and while we all go down with the lurgy at some stage, there are now enough people to cover all the gaps

I shall not attempt to return until all signs of infection have departed, it wouldn't be fair to the others, to say nothing of the affect it would have on my aged vocal chords.

From the good but quite small choir I joined in May 2010, we have grown to a huge 30 strong one with a very good sound when we are all present.  This includes 10 mice (my name for the 8 to 12 year olds)

The bats have started to make the occasional sortie during rehearsals once more, so we must be doing something right.

Unfortunately the resident arachnids are also 'dropping' by to pay their respects.  Uggh.

I'm rambling so will return to bed, there to sneeze in comfort..


  1. Sorry to hear you are feeling poorly - hope you are better soon. Love the cartoon.

    1. What do you mean, cartoon? That's my portrait.

  2. Get well soon are obviously much needed!

    1. Thanks Jean, at the moment recovery seems a forlorn hope.
      Give it a few days,,,,

  3. Thanks Jane, am giving my best shot :-)

  4. It is wonderful to have such growth in the choir. Like you, I love singing - unfortunately since TIAs or older age or both I have "lost" my voice and can no longer rely on it. Still - I hum along in the shower.
    Blessings from Dalamory

    PS - Hope you are better soon

  5. At present even singing in the shower is beyond me. I have a Kermit-like croak, so no choir for a week or so.
    I'm sorry you feel you are no longer able to sing, even just singing as a member of the congregation in church is uplifting and good for your health too.

  6. Sorry you've been down with the lurgy, Ray, and hope you're feeling better soon. Wonderful to hear that your choir is growing so satisfactorily and I just love the idea of your choir 'mice'. I saw some tiny choir-girls scurrying along in Selby Abbey recently and your name fits them perfectly. :-)

  7. Our lot are very sweet and appealing looking, one or two being really tiny, but, oh boy can they make a racket.