Friday, 31 October 2014

Halloween Celebration

Yup, it's that one again.

Anyone who has read my blog more than a time or two will be aware that on the (rare) occasions when I feel like a solitary celebration/restorer, whisky is my tincture of choice.

For the past two weeks, and for the next four or five my dearly loved next-door neighbours have been/ will be having an extension built on their too-small house.

This for me is a good thing, since the alternative would be their departure to a new, larger house.

They prefer to enlarge their existing home rather than start house-hunting, so I am (relatively) happy to endure the drilling, hammering, churning of cement, etc  in order to keep my lovely friends close.

They have a holiday home in Spain and are currently spending half-term there, so they are escaping the worst of the disruption.  I, on the other hand am not.

Raising my bedroom blind at 7.25 am and coming face-to-face with a young man on top of a skip emptying a barrow is not my idea of Heaven.  Worse by far, however, is the fact that every daylight hour sees me a prisoner in my own home.  Unable to work in the front garden in the last warm days of the year.  Unable to open my front door for any reason without a (friendly) greeting.

Today they departed at four twenty five, and by four twenty six I was out in the garden, loppers in hand cutting frantically at the white buddliea and a couple of the Hibiscus in the rapidly fading light.

Yes, I know I could go out there while 'they' are there, but I'd much rather not.

Breathing a sigh of re;lief at having achieved at least something, I came back in and watched "The Chase" on TV and as the fireworks began to crash and whizz outside (Halloween), I poured myself a very large whisky and ginger and headed upstairs to the computer.

Happy Halloween.


  1. At the end of the day I wish you blessings and a quiet night.
    Freda from Dalamory

  2. Thankyou Freda and to you also.

  3. Cheers me choice also is the glass that cheers! Essential as the winter gets closer!

  4. Perhaps increasing the intake of said glass will ward off winter altogether. (or is that just an excuse?
    I'll let you know next spring.

  5. Wine for me (or Normandy apple brandy) but i share your sentiments, Ray. A shame you couldn't make best use of those last warm days of October, but I too wouldn't want to garden under the gaze of builders, however friendly.

  6. Only another 3 or 4 weeks to go!
    I will be glad to get my own 'space' back whenever it happens.
    Then, if by any chance, there is any reasonably dry and not too cold weather left I'll attempt to complete the work already started in the garden.