Thursday, 29 May 2014

It's enough to make a cat laugh

As I am currently fighting off an impending cold and want to shake it off before it gets a good hold, I decided having done enough housework for the time being, to have a lie down.

Settling into a comfortable snooze I was startled into an abrupt sitting up position by a loud and insistent crashing sound from downstairs.

I knew the back door was locked so was more than a bit worried as to who or what the intruder might be.

Even standing in the kitchen I at first couldn't  locate the source of the racket.

Then as it recommenced at last I realised that the cat-flap was being systematically bashed.

Opening the door I was confronted by a large pale ginger and white cat which was attempting to put its head through the locked (for the past 6 years) cat flap.

I have been feeding this monster for about two years whenever he appears, since, though I am fairly sure he has a home, he is seldom in it.

Often at 6.oo am he is on the step, cold wet and miserable so he gets a large handful of cat biscuits, drinks from the birdbath and wanders off.

Today he hadn't appeared earlier on and was obviously incensed that I was not waiting for him to show up biscuits in hand.

After he had scoffed every last crumb he took himself off to the centre of my rose garden and lay down on the yellow poppies in order to keep them warm.

My yelling "get off there" produced a yawn wide enough to swallow a whale and he curled into a ball, squashing everything in sight.

I know when I'm beaten so retired to resume my rest secure in the knowledge that my garden had its security officer in place.

Am seriously contemplating replacing the door with one without a cat flap.


  1. Thanks for making me smile and I do hope you are able to get rid of that cold, I'm getting over my second one in two months - not fun!

    1. Happy to oblige Jane, but the cold is winning at present.

  2. Love it! Thank you for introducing me to the ginger monster :)

    1. You're entirely welcome Claire. I will bag him up and send him to you if you like.

  3. Sorry you've got a cold too, Ray. Your cat story made me grin reminiscently at the sheer bare-faced effrontery of a cat with an idea in his head. :-)

  4. Unfortunately I trod on this one's paw this morning. He kept getting right under my feet, my eyes and nose were running (not a pretty sight) and i was even less patient than usual. So he got his biscuits and a sore paw.
    The cold has been a beast and is taking its time departing,so no choir again tonight. Ah well!