Sunday, 18 May 2014

Boys' Toys (He had a dream)

My lovely next-door-neighbour Colin came home some 10 years ago with this beautiful little Lotus.

He had always wanted one and at least had the chance to buy one cheaply (he said), which needed some parts but was otherwise perfect.

Never really a car person (I don't drive), but none the less very drawn to this little beauty, I was even more attracted to it when Colin demonstrated how it 'opened its eyes'.

This and the Delorean (can't spell it) with its 'bat wing doors' have always had a special place in my affections/

Sadly Colin, a very busy policeman had to put on hold the work on the car until he could obtain the necessary bits and pieces.

In the interim it 'lived' in his garage.

These houses are small and many/most people use their garages for extra storage. Lynne, Colin's long-suffering wife had no such extra space, so was keen to see the car up and running.

Months, then years went by and Colin would push the car out of the garage at intervals tinker briefly then break his back returning it to its 'home'.

Their family grew to two children, both now teenagers, and still the space in the house grew less as the children grew and the accessories to their lives expanded.

At last the ever patient Lynne persuaded Colin to sell the car using the need to build on over the garage or move house as her reason.

Very reluctantly he agreed to part with it and advertised it.

Yesterday a truck arrived and after putting up an hour's 'fight' the little Lotus was finally persuaded onto the loader and left her comfortable home of ten years for places new.

The final glimpse of her, eyes open and staring straight ahead was the one below.

 Half the close was out watching her departure and I think I detected a tear in Colin's eye. (Not really)

Lynne had a little smile on her face.  Can't think why.

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