Thursday, 22 May 2014

Falling leaves

The tree once full of leaves is losing them day by day.

Every day another one falls and each day the tree becomes closer to being a skeleton, branches bare.

Sadness is in the air

We who are the leaves watch and wait for our turn.

That is not to say we have no other thoughts, but that we notice how few our companions are.

The gaps are more numerous than the leaves and the outline of the tree is clearer every day.

We mourn and miss each falling leaf but welcome the ability to see the shape of the tree.
Yesterday the leaf that was my brother-in-law fell to the ground.

Rest in Peace Terry. X


  1. I'm so sorry, Ray. A tender tribute to the fragility of human life and the sadness of losing someone dear to you.

    1. Thanks Perpetua. It was written within an hour of receiving the news so was a spontaneous reaction, not planned or well thought out.

  2. Much love, hugs and prayers xxxxxxx

  3. Ray that was a beautiful way of marking such a sadness. I will pray for you and all the family involved.

  4. Thanks Jean I appreciate that.

  5. So sorry to hear this Ray.