Thursday, 6 June 2013

I give up. My computer will not allow me to retrieve my photos for my blog.

Every time I try to access one of my pictures to adorn my blog the computer refuses to recognize
 the title.
I used to be able to simply type in pictures and would get the entire collection to choose from.

Now it is offering me a selection of previously used ancient unwanted pictures and I cannot view the ones I want to select.

Half the fun of posting a blog is choosing a suitable picture to illustrate it, so I am forced to concede defeat.

Every skill I half pick up lets me down at some stage and my total lack of good sound training becomes more apparent every day.

I'm sorry to have to admit defeat but this I'm afraid is the end of the road.


  1. Well without fully understanding your problem it is difficult to advise; comuters can be annoying. Presukabky you know what folder the pictures are in (My Pictures or a subfolder of it), so is it just the blogger interface which is causing the problem?

    1. Sorry Colin, I know you would help if you could, but the biggest part of my problem is that I don't understand computer language.
      Don't know what blogger interface is. etc etc.

  2. Ray, if you can spell out in an email to me exactly what you are doing and what is going wrong, I'm pretty sure DH and I can help you sort this out. PLEASE don't give up - hopefully this is just a temporary blip and I have a few suggestions on how to make picture organisation and selection easier in future

    1. Perpetua. I appear to have lost your email address, but in the simplest terms I can use the problem is:
      When I turn to the new post page, where the "choose files" option appears I used to be able to simply click on it and all my pictures would be displayed, I would simply select what I wanted and press 'select'
      Now it is offering me
      From this blog
      From Picasa Web Albums
      From your phone
      From " webcam
      From a URL.
      When I press from this blog I am offered a half dozen only and not the ones I want.
      Sorry if this gives no clear picture but it is the best I can do.

    2. Thanks for this, Ray and sorry to be so late responding. I've been out most of the day and will be out all day tomorrow. However I will send you an email as soon as I can, with screenshots to show you what I do, in the hope that this will help you sort out your problem. It may not be until later on Sunday, but I WILL get back to you. Promise.

  3. Hi Perpetua. Have just returned from choir practice (being the good little girl I am), so have only just read this.
    Thanks so much for offering to help. No rush, but will be very glad if you can dig me out of this one.