Friday, 7 June 2013


No I haven't flipped.  That the square on the left is approximately the colour (decorated last year) of my bedroom walls is just a happy coincidence.

What I am tentatively delighted about is the fact that I managed to drag this up from my 'pictures' gallery.

I am under no illusions that I have finally got it right.  This success is pure chance and might well not work a second time, but it has for now.

The lovely kind helpful Perpetua of "Perpetually in Transit" has promised to try to help me in a day or two, and I'm pretty sure her method will be the correct one, and I shall happily adopt it (if I can), but, in the interim my tired brain has found a temporary solution.  So, all is good once more.

Choir practice this evening was a good one and even bone weary though I be, I had to try just one more time to get control of my errant lap-top.
 It is, as I have said before, possessed of a malign spirit, which thwarts my every attempt to 'educate' myself in the alien world of technology.

This time I won.


  1. I am so glad success is yours! I'm sure too that Perpetua will be a great help but could I belatedly ask if you've tried using blogsie? The way it lashes out any pictures is nothing short of a miracle because like you I am technology challenged!
    Looks like you may not need to regroup but I do recommend blogsie if you do!

  2. My dear Jean. What on earth is Blogsie?

  3. Just back from my day out and delighted to see that you've wrestled an image onto your blog, Ray. Fingers crossed for future success, but I'll still let you know how I do it.

  4. Yes please, when you can spare some time Perpetua.

  5. Ah Blogsie is an app.......and I use it on my iPad . It is very helpful to those of us to whom computing does not come naturally!

  6. Thanks Jean, I'm none the wiser, but I don't use my IPad for writing blog posts, so possibly it would not be available to me.