Sunday, 17 March 2013

Happy St Patrick's Day

Sunday morning and it is raining.  Still raining.  It has been raining, with only very few brief respites since Friday.

As it is St Patrick's day I thought foolishly, that maybe we would get a break from the unrelenting wet, but no, it seems the saint has other plans.

Just a thought - St Patrick didn't drive the snakes out of Ireland at all at all.  

They drowned!


  1. And to you too, Ray. We had snow instead of rain yesterday and overnight, but not very much of it, thank goodness. Hope your rain stops soon.

  2. I'm afraid we had downpours all day, some of sleet, most of rain.
    As I write it is still raining.
    I do so hope this year is not going to be a repeat of last.
    We could all do with a decent spring and summer.

  3. We had no winter till right before spring...and even then it's not a winter like those north of Interstate 10 have been having. If it gets chilly, that's our winter. I think I've had a sweater on about 5 times. I believe it's raining as I type...the blinds are closed but the splishes and splashes sound rain like :D Once years ago in coastal Virginia we had rain for literally 40 days and 40 nights and there I was with no Noah and no ark.

  4. But thankfully, you survived. A lesson there maybe?
    I don't care for hot weather Theanne, but it would be nice to be warm sometimes.
    Good to hear from you.