Friday, 1 March 2013

Happy Dewi Sant

For those of you who share my brand of insanity, here is a dance performed by my two household dragons Ivan Llewellyn Pendrangon and Little Rhodri, in honour of St David's day.

My computer is playing up so I don't know whether  their 'tribute' will appear, but here goes nothing.


  1. They appeared and very handsome they look, Ray. DH and I had Welsh cakes for tea. :-)

  2. Very Funny!!
    Happy St Davids day to you to !

  3. Hi Perpetua. Glad you appreciate the boys, or should that be boyos?

    Welsh cakes! and you didn't post one down the computer to me. How unkind.

  4. It's nice to know my 'dragon dance' meets with your approval Margaret.
    They are a little stiff, but then, they only get to practise once a year.