Tuesday, 26 March 2013

At the risk of repeating myself..........

This picture has nothing to do with tonight's episode, but, I do  so like looking at him.

Believe it or not, I am back on my favourite platform.  The wonderful Holby City.

"Never" you cry, "you have never mentioned this before, what are you talking about"?

For anyone who may not know, and there must be someone, I am totally addicted to this most excellent BBC hospital drama.

Tonight's episode had, as usual, a good moral dilemma or two, well rounded out with glamour, humour and rather improbable romance.

We had a monk, facing the prospect of very major surgery with only a small chance of surviving, but choosing to go ahead for all the right reasons and a recovering addict now a novice monk who had invested all his faith in this one monk and who was prepared to lie in order to prevent the surgery taking place.

There was a sad recently bereaved girl of 16 who was at odds with her grieving father, and who had a previously undiagnosed illness which was causing her to be accident prone.  There was enough material in that story alone to make a separate story.

Underlying all of this was the ongoing saga of a young doctor with a brain tumour whose future was to say the least, uncertain.

All of these, and the lovely ditzie blond nurse whose sweet nature totally redeems her sheer barmyness.

My periodic leaps into hyperbole about this enthralling series are by now becoming a habit, and, I make no apologies for that.

If anyone has not yet made the acquaintance of this superbly acted series I cannot recommend it highly enough.

Oh, and of course, for we females, there is always |Henrik Hansen.


  1. sounds interesting but I couldn't find it on sadly I won't be able to watch :(

  2. I've got rather bored with Holby City, but sometimes watch. I did see last night's episode and thought there were some excellent moments, but would have liked more depth for 1 or 2 of the stories e.g. the bereaved girl and her father or the novice monk and his crisis of faith.

  3. I stopped watching Holby City years ago when I was so busy I kept missing it and somehow I never went back to it when I retired. If you carry on like this, Ray, I may have to sample it again. :-)

  4. What a pity Theanne, but then, you can't have everything, and you have got Baron.

  5. I agree Nancy, the often really good stories have to be cut very short and often leave one wanting them to be developed further.
    Unfortunately the programme would have to be twice its current length and that might just prove too much, (even for me).

  6. Do you mean to say my purple prose has failed to get you hooked again Perpetua?
    I must be losing my touch.

    Every time I write about Holby I promise myself it will be the last, but my mental 'fingers' are crossed.

    1. Sorry, Ray. :-) I keep meaning to try it again, but there always seems to be something else my DH (who isn't a Holby fan) wants to watch at the same time....