Wednesday, 19 September 2012

Calamity Kate strikes again

This pretty picture is my left leg photographed 3 days after an argument with an aggressive plastic crate.

I walked into it in the parish office and retreated wounded 10 seconds later.
(Do you remember my saying I hated plastic?)

The haematoma collection for 2012 is now complete (I hope).

This one was the size of a grapefruit in about five minutes and the swelling has only just begun to go down.  Luckily the skin was not broken so it is unlikely there will be any serious infection.  It is just a question of waiting for the mass to disperse and spread out nice and flat (and black)!

When I was young and even when I was not so young, I had quite nice legs - though I say it myself - these days, they are veiny, skinny with thick ankles, and now even prettier, black and lumpy.  Oh the joys of the ageing process are endless.

Pretty soon, the only possible garb will be a full length cloak with a  hood - and probably a mask too.

Would you describe me a leg-end in my own life-time?


  1. Poor you. Did you take the photo?

  2. No Tenon I did not. Even I am not that flexible.
    My photos were a mess so I got the 'church photographer' to take one.
    The colour is even more spectacular now and has spread as these things do from knee to ankle. So pretty!

  3. :-( sending healing thoughts. Arnica!

  4. Thanks for the healing thoughts. I am of course using Arnica (tablets and cream).

    At present the leg is black but at least the grapefruit size lump has now gone down to small apple. Progress!

  5. Ouch, that looks very painful, Ray. I do hope it's not as bad as it looks. I too bruise easily but that is something quite out of the ordinary. Oh, and my legs are never on display like that, as yours are a dream of beauty when compared to mine. :-)

  6. As you say out of the ordinary, but at least I didn't break the skin and am told that's a good thing.
    I seldom wear trousers but may have to consider doing so of only for my own protection.
    Not as good as shin pads but better than nothing.