Sunday, 23 September 2012

It often looks worse than it is

 Last Friday we had a really excellent rehearsal in St. M's choir of the music for this Sunday (today).

For once we had a full complement and four altos!

Nothing short of a miracle, so good did we sound.

Imagine my horror this morning to find we had 2 altos,  1 soprano plus three trebles and three men.

What a pity I thought, all that work on Friday for nothing and it is going to sound terrible.

It didn't !   In fact it sounded quite good and all my nervous fears were unfounded.

Never judge anything/one by their appearance.  I've heard it so many times but I never learn.

The up to date pictures of my leg (see last post but one), look fairly awful, yet it really doesn't hurt much at all, except for at night in bed, and is well into the healing process.

The way I shot out of church this morning, round the  corner to the taxi stand (it was pouring) and was home only ten minutes after leaving church is a clear indication that the injury has done nothing to slow mke down.

In two hours time I have to do it all again.  This time it is the Mayor's Civic Service.

I have absolutely no idea how many - or few - people will turn up, but we will undoubtedly sing our hearts out and large or small will contrive to sound better than we look.

Is there a lesson there?


  1. Glad to know you are healing, Ray! Life is full of surprises... And attitude seems to make a difference, on all sides. People like to size things up and think they know ahead of time what things or people are like--and then have an actual experience and discover they are off the mark. It's humbling. And it makes life interesting!

  2. Penny, I'm beginning to think I'm the humblest person on the planet.
    At least I'm a contender.
    I have been 'right' about nearly everything as long as I can remember, and it's only now, at this age that life seems to be trying to teach me a few lessons.
    Uriah Heap move over!

  3. Ray, I expect those who did turn up sang their hearts out and that's what makes the difference. We used to get the same problem of non-attendance after rehearsals in our church youth work and had some very impromptu stand-ins at times.

    Very glad the leg feels better than it looks.

  4. You are right, as ever Perpetua. We did sound good and were told so which makes a pleasant change, so in the end I suppose it just needs everyone who does turn up to do their best and enthusiasm will make up for loss of numbers.