Saturday, 8 September 2012

AAAAAAHHHHrachnid 111

No picture this time, just a brief shuddering update.     The 3inch diameter charmer I met on the stairs and evicted was, as I half suspected, merely a cousin.  4 inch diameter original, black, massive and malevolent, was in my office paper bin this morning.

I picked it up unsuspectingly intending to vacuum behind it, and there 'it' was.  Huge horrible hairy and just waiting for me.   I picked up a file from my desk, covered the bin and flew downstairs, opened the front door (in my underwear), and shook the bin to dislodge the beast.  It sat grimly covering most of the base of the bin.

Torn between sheer terror and the fear of being seen half-dressed by my neighbours, I turned the bin upside down and legged it back into the house.

Later, much later, when I have found some courage (and finished dressing) I will lift the bin and look but not very hard, for the inhabitant.

Immense relief that there are now two huge spiders outside rather than in, is tinged with apprehension at the thought of further 'family', being in residence.

Can I have ny medal please?


  1. Very definitely, Ray - with bars. :-) I'm ashamed to say that when faced with a similar monster on the wall of my bedroom recently (too big to put a drinking glass over as I normally do) and with DH too deeply asleep to wake in time, I resorted to the fly-swat to dispose of it.

  2. Thanks for agreeing to my award, I deserve it!

    I do sympathise with the fly-swat solution, but have only ever killed one once (by dropping a complete works of Shakespeare on it), the only thing heavy enough to hand, and I have felt guilty ever since.
    It was at least 40 years ago and the book had a paper dust cover. It doesn't any more.

  3. My blogs have gone but I am still following you.

  4. Bless you TS. and thankyou, but why have your blogs gone?

  5. Killing anything is difficult for me but I do occasionally draw the line at spiders.....David can pick them up with his bare hands and put them outside. I can't! And they move so quickly that sometimes swatting them is the only safe way of making sure they don't colonise the house!
    Mea culpa!

  6. I just can't won't don't kill things, however much I loathe them, and since John is no longer around to provide a removal service, I have to evict them myself.
    The one good thing that has come out of this is that when I see a massive spider these days I immediately look for a means to put it outside. In the old days I'd have screamed and run.
    Necessity does provide its own solutions sometimes.

  7. Thank you, your blog and all the comments made me smile today. Just wanted to let you know. x

  8. Glad to hear I can make you smile Shona. Nice to hear from you.

  9. It's the way those big monsters run across the floor that makes me shudder. Well done for dealing with the dreaded duo!

  10. Freda you'll never believe this. I've just got back from a lovely long day out at Highgrove with a friend went round the house drawing blinds etc. and there up in the corner of the bathroom was yet another great black beast.
    I didn't stop to think about it just got the feather duster, he obligingly stepped aboard and i opened the bathroom window and gave him his first flying lesson.
    What on earth is the fascination with my house?

  11. we had the largest & fasted spider I have yet seen over here last night. Pete, being with you on the dislike of spiders, was the fastest I have seen him in a while. Torn between not knowing where he might hide & hiding himself I think. I was put on watch whilst Pete got a glass & a piece of paper & ejected the creature out the front door.

    When he came back upstairs (our lounge is on the first floor) I asked what he said to the spider as I had heard him speak. "If you come back in I'll let the cat eat you" It made me laugh :-)

  12. I hope the spider was listening - he could come back with his dad.