Saturday, 7 January 2012

The Rev and the Reverse Psychology Gherkin

A revered rev of my acquaintance very recently posted an impassioned treatise on the subject of the noble gherkin.

He described it at length in terms so derogatory as  to turn any undecided nibbler off the tasty little item for life.

He reckoned however, without the vast number of gherkin afficionados around his cyber table, who let it be known in no uncertain terms that, far from despising and rejecting the humble green peril, they rated them highly and in glowing terms.

So much did his unwarranted attack rile me that I instantly, well, almost instantly headed for my kitchen cupboards where I knew a very large jar was quietly lurking in a dark corner.  It was indeed very large, so much so that I couldn't open it (arthritis in my hands), until I found my trusty battery-operated jar opener and gave the treasured jar into its safe keeping.

Now even I would not claim that gherkins go with everything, but once opened, a large jar has to yield up its contents on every feasible occasion to prevent their 'going off'.'

Yesterday I had sliced gherkins with my smoked salmon on granary roll, and very nice it was too.  Today, I had egg and chips, green beans and gherkins and tomorrow I shall have a cheese and gherkin and tomato salad with granary for lunch.

If I could think of a way to add it to my breakfast cereal I would.  Or, perhaps not.

Even cats have been known to eat gherkins - see picture above.

When I eat a veggie-burger I always add as many slices of onion and gherkin as possible, (drained of course) and will happily send by return of post, a few slices to anyone asking for some.

Slice  of gherkin cake anyone?


  1. Yes, he did bring the gherkin lovers out of the woodwork with that post, didn't he, Ray? One of the many things I liked about Prague is the fact that gherkins are served with practically everything and very good gherkins too. Yum!

  2. Sliced Gherkin in Mayo with fish, gherkin and philadelphia sandwiches, every salad has some, WE LOVE THEM

  3. Hilarious. I can just see you marching to the cupboard and yanking out that jar right now! Enjoy.

  4. I am glad that we have so much in common, I too am a gherkin lover! Who is this maligner of gherkins and can I track his blog down and troll around it now!!!?

  5. Hi Perpetua.

    Long live the Prague gherkins say I.

  6. Glad to hear it Margaret. We know a good thing when we see/eat it don't we?

  7. Oh I am so enjoying them Penny. I've eaten so many in the last couple of days, I'll probably wind up hating them.

  8. Suem. You mean to say you missed it?
    The denigrator of the noble gherkin is no other than that prince of all that's awful in food, his
    Vernacular Highness, David Cloake.

  9. Dear Ray,
    Hooray for gherkins! I haven't eaten any in so long that your posting made me salivate! Now to the grocery store tomorrow to buy a bottle--or two!


  10. Hi Dee. Perhaps we should start an international
    "Gherkins R Us" club.
    I can see the banners now.

  11. If you can't get gherkins,just slice a Cucumber,pickle it with some cider vinegar,peppercorns,dill and a touch of sugar. It tastes the same and fits in sandwiches easily. My Scandanavian friends have it with everything.

  12. Believe me. I have no difficulty finding gherkins.
    We in Aylesbury, have no less than four supermarkets in the town, each trying to outdo the others at this time of year, with pickles of every description.

  13. great post Ray...I love gherkins...never thought about someone detesting them! They have a lovely sweet/sour taste that goes with so many you have indicated! What's not to love...they're crunchy and tangy! Well...I must visit this Vernacular Highness, David Cloake!

  14. I found the V. Vicar very conversant with McDonald's gherkins...wondered how he knew so much about them and the Mickie D hamburger! I did leave him a comment!

  15. Hi Theanne.
    Glad you found the source of my reactive diatribe.
    Leaving comments is great, but you probably won't get a response, he seems to have ceased replying or commenting and now only puts out the occasional post.
    Usually well worth reading.
    As for the familiarity with McD's, if you read back through some of his posts you'll see he appears to live there!

  16. No listen here lovely cyber friendies, this is just wrong wrong wrong.

    If God had wanted us to eat Gherkins he would have planted orchards of them in our Glebelands. The Bible doesn't mention the vile critters so of course they cannot technically exist, and indeed the fall of humanity was not in the consumption of those nasty little gunge slugs. Nope - gherkins are for eejits!

    And here I go, running away ...


  17. Well. you'd know!

    Oh and in case you hadn't noticed, The Bible doesn't mention you either.

  18. I never claimed to exist, not for one moment :)

    If I had a tan, I would be a pigment of your imagination.

  19. Not much chance of your getting a tan, but I do have a very vivid imagination.

  20. Is that a request or a statement?