Saturday, 7 January 2012

Is it time to get up yet?

Yet another date with the sleep thief.

Today was busy.  Bed changing . washing, shopping, paper-work and this evening an excellent choir rehearsal, 1st of 2012.

We did almost two solid hours of hard work including our first look at the Agnus Dei from the Faure Requiem which will, hopefully, be sung at Easter.

For a change, I am singing with the 1st tenors, easy for me vocally, no stresses on any part of the voice, and I think we will sound good.

Got home at 9.00 pm watched the concluding part of "Public Enemies" followed by QI. then toddled off to bed feeling sure such a hefty schedule would result in equally heavy sleep.

Not a hope.  Too tired to sleep, my mother used to say.

Read for an hour, then went down and made some tea and switched on the TV.  Oh dear, if day-time choices are often pretty limited, nightime ones are infinitely more so.

Channel hopped for an hour or so,  turned out the under-stair cupboard and went back to bed even more tired than before.  Stared into the dark for a while and thought, I know, I'll just see if anyone is around the blogs.

Deserted.  All tucked up in their little nests like good little boys and girls.  What does that make me?

If it were June rather than January, it would be beginning to get light and I could creep around the garden with secateurs, but being confined to barracks restricts physical activity.

It's times like these that I wish I could play solitaire.

Suddenly remembered something one of my reader friends (Perpetua I think) had suggested a week or two ago, fished out one of the radios which proliferate in this house and not very hopefully, expecting flat batteries, switched on.

It was an interview with a footballer.!!!

Have now completely lost the will to live.  It's still only 3.55 am I can't get up yet.  Oh I am up already aren't I?

The only sound apart from the faint hiss of this lap-top is an owl - a tawny I think - hooting faintly as he hunts in the tree-lined railway at the end of the close.  Not even any traffic yet on the distant A41,  Too early.

Might have something more interesting to impart by the next time - a few sleeps away - I surface, but for now goodnight er morning er day.


  1. I feel very badly for you trying to sleep and being unable to! If I had a cure or remedy for you I'd certainly pass it on! Right now it's 11:24 pm here...still early where you are I believe! Hopefully you've rested even if you didn't sleep!

  2. How utterly frustrating for you Ray, big prayers being sent up for you for a better night tonight x.

  3. What a rotten night for you, Ray. Sorry the radio interview with the footballer didn't bore you to sleep. I do hope you managed to snatch some sleep eventually.

    Have you tried any of the over-the-counter sleep remedies at all? Much milder than sleeping tablets and I have a friend who swears by them.

  4. Hi Theanne. Don't feel badly. I am used to little or no sleep, and though I wouldn't recommend it as a way of life, it is not much of a problem really now that I no longer work.

  5. Thanks Jane, sometimes a good night does follow a particularly bad one. We'll hope.

  6. Hi Perpetua, yes, I did get about 1 and a half hours, so better than none.
    No, I don't do chemicals of any kind unless forced at gun-point, and really it is more a case of lack of concentration the following day than any serious problem.
    I do, however, regret that my baggy eyes get worse each time.

  7. I dare say I "amen!"'d my way through this one. The culprit at my house is chocolate. If I eat it too late in the evening I can rest assured (rest?) that sleep will not come soon, or easy. I eat it anyway.

  8. Kathleen, you are so lucky to have something to blame it on, other that is, than a guilty conscience.

  9. I still reckon you need a Sky+ box - then you could save specially selected programmes to watch on your sleepless night. I recommend Midsomer Murders - much as I enjoy it, it always causes me to nod off, so I can watch over and over again and still guess who the culprit is!

  10. Nancy, I think you may be beginning to wear me down, (the old, water dripping on a stone technique).
    I love Midsomer Murders but know every plot and almost every word off by heart, so it would have to be something else I recorded. That is, assuming I could find out how to record it.
    I have an Ipad 2 with which I have yet to get to grips, still in its box.
    For me technophobe is the understatement of the year.

  11. I suffer from insomnia- this sounds a really bad case though! Hope you have a good night's sleep tonight!

  12. Thanks Sue. No guarantees, but about due I reckon.
    It is only bad in that it is chronic - life-long in fact - but as I am used to it these days it's more of an irritating fact of life than any great tragedy.