Sunday, 22 January 2012

Gather ye rosebuds.........

Reading the comments on my latest post, I was amazed and delighted to find among them a nomination for the Liebster Blog from Pixie Mum @  Pixie is an interesting and varied blogger who has something to say about a variety of things.  Something for everyone I would say.  Thanks a million for nominating me Pixie.

This, much to my surprise, is the 2nd nomination I have received in the past few months.  The first was on 4th November last year and was for the Versatile Blogger award.

Both of these awards require that the nominee 1st recognises and thanks the nominator and then goes on to recommend his/her own top five favourites.

This I did in November in a post headed Transient Glory, so this time I have to find a different five (not easy, since there are so many really good blogs to choose from) and my list is as follows: 

"Perpetually in Transit"    A fascinating glimpse into the life of a much-travelled and lively retired minister. 

Tregear Vean @   The daily events, some sad, some curious, some happy in the whirlwind world of a priest in Cornwall. 

The Ugley Vicar - John Richardson @    The very erudite and informative writing of a very experienced  priest of the evangelican persuasion.  I often do not agree with his views, but could never argue with his logic.  

""  The very different and totally fascinating blog of a well-established icon artist, Constantina Wood.  Apart from her wonderfully spiritual writing, her illustrations  are quite stunning.  

"Tootallburd" Jenni  @  is my last nomination.  She is the wife of a minister in Scotland, has had a very busy life, as a nurse and a mother of a large family, and is wise, witty and always worth a read.

These five and my original five are but the tip of an iceberg well worth investigating, and I commend them all to you.



  1. A very well-deserved award, Ray! Thank you so much for thinking of me when compiling your list of recommendations. I'm very touched, but hope you will excuse me from having to do a post of my own, as I did one on this subject only a short time ago. In fact it was I who gave the award to PixieMum. :-)

    However I shall have great fun in exploring your other recommended blogs and thank you again for thinking of me.

    Finally, next time you write a post, have a quick look at the button on your toolbar marked Link. It works for web addresses in the same way as the image one does for photos, and enables you to create a live link in your post which your readers just have to click on. Magic, really. :-)

  2. Thanks so much Perpetua. I really am terribly dim technically (as well as in a few other ways). I am truly grateful for any tip which will make blogging easier.

    Enjoy the one's you haven't encountered before.

  3. Of course you aren't, Ray! It's just that I've been using computers for donkey's years and you're a relative beginner. If you want to get really adventurous, the button on the other side of the Image button lets you upload video clips from YouTube! That's easy too, once you've tried it. I wish there was some way I could give you my email address without making it public, so you could email me if you had a query.

  4. Congratulations Ray and to the five you chosen!

  5. Thanks Theanne. It is nice to know some of my random thoughts sometimes set off echoes with other people.

  6. Thank you Ray for listing me as a favourite. I often wonder whether to keep blogging but comments such as yours spur me on! I really enjoy your Blog and your honesty. X

  7. It was a pleasure Jenni, a small return for the enjoyment I get from your blog.