Wednesday, 28 December 2011

Truth in the bottom of a glass

The picture on the left is only marginally connected with the large glass of old tawny port recently swigged by yours truly Daydreamer.

Oh dear, oh dear, oh dear.  Is it just the intense loneliness of Christmas (my Christmas), or is it that enough (more than enough) days of my own company bring me closer to the 'edge' than normal.? 

Fleetingly, on the perimeter of my attention I caught a TV advertisement of a 'new' singer, singing "Without a song".

For anyone not of my generation, this will mean nothing, but for me it sent my memories spinning back down the years to my earliest childhood, when this song was part of my father's standard repertoire. 

There were others.  "Trees", and badly out of tune hummed or  whistled, Mozart's Eine Kleine Nacht Music.

We would groan at him to spare our ears, but were secretly quite pleased by his obvious enjoyment of the music of his choice.

"Without a Song" is the one piece I have never heard from those far-off days until today, so all the more nostalgic. 

Having blogged my heart out in recent days, due to the inordinate amount of time with absolutely nothing else to do, and with far less than the usual amount of response, comments etc. I have once again found a piece of  nothing of great importance to write about.

Amazing isn't it, how such dross can stir either immediate and tumultuous reactions, or elicit no response whatsoever.
Bye the way, my excuse for drinking a large glass of port half-way through the afternoon is that I have no excuse whatsoever!


  1. Many, many years since I last heard "Without a Song"! Just listened to Frank Sinatra singing it on YouTube! I have "lurkers" just like you do, people who visit my blog and never comment! I finally put a Feedjit on my blog just to get an idea how many people were actually coming and from where! Amazing! Please note that I am commenting! ;-)

  2. Hi Theanne,
    Once again a passenger on the insomnia express as you see.
    Obviously I prefer comments to readers only, but i am grateful for both.
    My late, now elsewhere, mentor David Cloake added Feedjit to my blog on his last visit so I can see how many and how distant many of those who just read are, but it is quite gratifying to see the same location appearing time after time, and to know that sometimes I succeed in attracting their attention.
    Strange addiction, this blogging thing isn't it?