Saturday, 24 December 2011

Escaping from Dragons

Downstairs on this Christmas Eve is a dragon, a few minutes ago there was a talking lion and to preserve my sanity (fat chance), i am writing this.

After a lovely "Carols from Kings", always a part of my Christmas Eve, I had a brief break from interminable TV, switched back on 
and got hooked on "Narnia", followed by "Merlin".

Now I can suspend disbelief with the best of them but two giant helpings in one long, long evening is just too much.

At some stage I have to gather my wandering wits and tired body into chorister mode, leaving the house at 10.45 pm, when I ought to be going to bed.  Midnight Mass will see a bunch of tired, pale faced .......well, what would you call them (us)?

Christians? Some, revellers? a few, curious novelty seekers? maybe, but with one common purpose.  To welcome the birth of Jesus.  

Two years ago I attended my first ever midnight mass and was totally bowled over by it.  Last year, a member of the choir by now, I should have celebrated my first midnight mass from the 'operating' side, so to speak, but a dose of flu wiped Christmas off the map.  So this will be my first time as a member of the choir.

At this moment I feel as much like singing as climbing Everest in a bikini, but no doubt the necessary energy will arrive in time and the wonderful atmosphere will do the rest.

As I probably won't be in bed before 1.30 am and have to get up in time for the Christmas Day Eucharist at 10, I will take this opportunity to say to anyone reading this blog. A merry and blessed Christmas and a peaceful and healthy New year to you all.


  1. And to you Ray, and to you!

    Every blessing, always.

  2. Between chopping onions & sampling guacamole I'm taking a much needed rest from my Christmas Eve escapades (sounds much more exciting than "cooking"). It's afforded me an opportunity to visit a few blogs, and to pick up some warm & heart "merry christmases" for my collection. Thank you for yours.

    By the way ... you definitely have pluck, Ray. That, and a great sense of humor. In fact, I just have to pay a visit to the dictionary to be I called it rightly: courageous readiness to fight or continue against odds : dogged resolution. Yep! Courageous & resolute fit.

    Merry Christmas,

  3. David, blessings duly noted and tucked away for safe-keeping. Thanks.

  4. Kathleen, spare my blushes. You really are over-egging the pudding.
    Sense of humour, well yes, thankyou, It's part of the survival kit, but as for the rest.....not really!

  5. Happy you were able to sing this year...I feel the most connected with God when I'm singing (not by myself, with a group)!

  6. Happy you were able to sing this year...I feel the most connected with God when I'm singing (not by myself, with a group)!

  7. Glad you made it to Midnight Mass, Ray, as did we oop north in Yorkshire. After a great crib service at 6pm with Grandson #2 as Joseph, Grandson #1, considered old enough this year at 12, attended his first Midnight to sing in the choir and play a descant on his trumpet.

  8. I too am very glad to have made the Midnight Mass and Christmas morning services this year, but of course, I paid the price thereinafter
    Your crib service and Midnight Mass must have been a lovely experience for you all.
    It is wonderful for the young choristers to be allowed the 'grown-up' service.