Monday, 19 December 2011

Thanks. Mine's a double.

Have just arrived home from singing with the choir in a pub.

Well, there's a first time for everything.

Actually we sang very well, though I say it as shouldn't.

We had an excellent response from the diners and I'm told received a sizeable collection.

The downside for me, was not eating before, can't sing if I eat, and getting in too late to want to eat.

So I am sitting at the computer with a very large whisky and ginger and slightly blurred sight.

Have just realised that I wrote about rewarding myself with a whisky comparatively recently, but wouldn't want anyone to  think it was a habit as it's the first since then. (if you don't count the three glasses of mulled wine after last night's nine lessons and carols).

Is this the way down the slippery slope I ask?


Well, perhaps, but I'm willing to give it a brief testing period - say 15 years or so - and if it is, then at least I'll have deserved whatever gets me in the end.



  1. Cheers, Ray! I'm lifting my nice glass of red to you as I type. :-) I used to enjoy carol-singing for charity in pubs, as people were usually very nice and very generous and I'd as soon the money went to a good cause other than the brewery. No carol service for me this year with this cough. Hopefully I'll be able to sing by the time Midnight Mass starts.

  2. Cheers! (Hic!)

    I favour a nice G&T meself.

    If you want to be on a slippery slope, you'll have to put in a bit more effort, I'm afraid. Have another one at Christmas!

  3. I'm off to get my glass of sherry... I love that you have a tag for "slippery slope!"

  4. A group from the church I belong to in Virginia sang Christmas Carols at a nursing home, that's about as unique as my singing experience has been. How wonderful to sing in a pub and receive a collection! Some cream sherry would be nice!

  5. Carols on the green, on the side of a Loch in the dark, in freezing Scottish temperatures on Saturday afternoon. Do hope they have some mulled wine at least, or something to warm the cockles afterwards. The pub sounds a better option.

  6. Make that glass of red, 2 or even 3 and you will soon be able to sing as well as ever, and if you can't, at least you won't know the difference.
    Hope you're better soon perpetua.

  7. Doorkeeper, thanks for the tip, always willing to take good advice from one who knows.

  8. Penny and Theanne. What's all this sherry stuff?
    Far too ladylike for me I'm afraid.
    Actually, if I'm going to drink a fortified wine I prefer Madeira.
    Cheers anyway.

  9. Hi Jenni.
    How about taking a hip flask with you? Mulled wine is such a variable commodity.
    See you in AA.