Tuesday, 18 October 2011

My second greatest addiction - Holby City.

Have just watched another excellent story from the 1st rate "Holby City".

As ever, there were two or three separate stories running concurrently, one being the dilemma of two brothers, illegal immigrants, one of whom had suffered a serious stab wound.

The second story was of a nun who had lived in an enclosed order for 40 years and her decision to re-enter the world outside the convent.

In the background there was the ongoing fight for the survival of the hospital's Trust Foundation status with the business 'jackals' sharpening their teeth while the enigmatic but of course, noble, Henrik Hansen, on the side of the angels, strives to protect 'his' hospital.

Each of the stories was well developed and the characters totally believable.

This is highly addictive stuff and has the merit of always keeping at least one foot on the ground, so that some sympathy can be afforded even the least likeable characters while the others are slowly acquiring cult status.

The love and/or sexual tensions which thread their way through the series are always realistic and believable and if i sound like the number one fan/addict of this series, that's because I am.

Sometimes it  is good to just put ones feet up and enjoy some really good TV.


  1. I love roses that cluster...and if they have fragrance I'm in "heaven"

    I don't watch TV anymore...but I've got to watch Holby gave it such an excellent review :-)

  2. Glad you like the roses. it's a variety called Alan Titchmarsh.

    Please don't accept my opinion as any kind of guide but as I said, I'm an addict.

  3. As an ex nurse Ray,I find this programme so hard to watch,bu the Rev. loves it and banns me from the living room,sio that I can't spoil it by shouting, "Oh Please, that just wouldn't happen!"...but I do like a bit of Downton Abbey which I have to watch on line alone...

  4. Sorry Jenni if I've offended your delicate sensibilities but I have no excuses whatsoever, I just love it, and since I have more time on my hands than I would choose, need some sort of 'fix'.
    I also like Downton.
    Not having any personal experience of either nursing or upstairs/downstairs living perhaps makes me more accepting.

  5. Holby is one of my loves too. I record them as the Other Half is not a believer, so a great evening for me is to sit and watch 2 or 3 episodes one after the other.

  6. Great to hear Freda. It really is good value for money isn't it?

  7. I used to be totally addicted to both Casualty and Holby City and would always record them if I couldn't watch on the night. The first time we came home after spending the summer in Normandy, I found that after nearly 3 months without TV, I'd completely lost my taste for them. That was 4 years ago and I haven't watched either since. Strange...

    I know just what Jenni means about not being able to watch things in your professional field. Every time I see a clergy person hove into view in something like Midsomer Murders or Morse, I know I will soon want to throw something at the screen while shouting No, No, NO!!

  8. Hi Perpetua, nice to see you again (as it were).
    Yes, even I with no particular links to any one profession, can see that there is a lot of misrepresentation and stereotyping going on, but I will happily suspend disbelief and just enjoy a good story well acted.