Friday, 21 October 2011

Irritation and Patience (2nd attempt)

Sitting this morning doing some necessary sewing and not therefore in the best of moods, I found my patience becoming more frayed by the minute listening to the hysterical yapping of the animated dish-mop which thinks it's a dog in the garden of a house at the back of mine.

My irritation grew to the point of implosion and as I opened the back door ready to turn the hose on the offending hairy mouse I saw that it was doing its tiny best to warn anybody/somebody that there was an intruder about.

That the intruder in question was a window cleaner at the top of a ladder some three doors down made not one iota of difference to the minute would-be gladiator which was by now virtually screaming.

This finally reached the ears of his owner who opened the door and yelled at him in her native Hungarian to shut up.  He did, and all was silent again.

Although this was a reasonable response to a perceived threat the noise had got to me, and combined with my underlying exasperation at the none-appearance of my repair man (tumble-dryer) who had promised to come late morning or very early afternoon and who has still not shown at 3.45 pm, is sufficient to warrant irritation on the Richter scale of about 9.

I always understood that as one grew older ones levels of patience increased, while the ease with which we are irritated decreases at the same rate.

So far this has not proved to be the case with me.  Never one of my virtues (if indeed I have any), patience appears to be a 'bridge too far', while the causes of irritation, annoyance and sheer bad temper seem to be on the increase day by day.

Has anyone a magic cure?

Oh, and by the way, the repair man is still nowhere to be seen.



  1. Unfortunately my way of dealing with stress is to internalise it. I think your way is much healthier - do a good bit of jumping and up and down. Loved the "dishmop that thinks it is a dog...!"

  2. Actually Freda you probably would love "the dish-mop...." in question. It is absolutely miniscule.
    I have no idea what 'make' it is, possibly one of those poor little bred down to size creatures, but quite pretty and appealing except for the awful noise it makes.
    As for my dealing with stress, well at least the blog takes care of about 30% of it. The remainder is probably why I don't sleep.

  3. Poor Ray, your frustration positively leaps off the page. I do hope the repair man turned up eventually. I'm afraid I haven't any miracle cure, as my fuse too seems to be getting shorter with age.

    Sorry to be so behind in reading your blog. Life has got in the way a bit recently, but am now off to explore what you've been up to in my absence.

  4. Hello again!
    The repair man's van had broken down. I know, it would be funny if it was a play, but he eventually turned up on Saturday, discovered the door-switch was in need of replacement, but showed me a way to 'trip it' to use the machine in the interim.
    Don't know how long an 'interim' it will prove to be, but at least I won't have a pile of laundry slowly going mouldy!

  5. Our terrier sat and growled for ages after we had gone to bed the other night and we just couldn't get him to stop. In the end I got up to see if anything was wrong and found that the Rev had left the front door open when he had let the dogs into the garden. he must have been tired and just stagered off to bed. in this case "Good Dog!".

    As for irritability it just seems to increase with age.we become Great Aunt Agathas!

  6. Sorry about the typing errors ,haven't got my glasses on!

  7. Thanks Jenni, I'd hate to think I was the only intolerant grump in the universe.
    Don't know Gt aunt Agatha?

  8. Hello Ray! No, you're definitely not the only person who feels irritated and grumpy-this is me too! Herr it is, 2.10am in australia, I have just completed my blog for today after which I, too, find its completion to have the affect of a counseling or therapy session ! Interesting, isn't it? Yet sometimes I find myself at my mist eloquent here... I hope your repairman came. You have a new follower now-we seem to think the same and view life similarly.

  9. Hi SoulDragon
    Welcome to my weird world. As you rightly say, blogging has the benefit of releasing some of the build-up of tension (for me anyway) and can be quite therapeutic.
    Hope to hear more from you in the future.