Saturday, 1 October 2011

Blissful Oblivion

Lucky you.  You are gradually getting to see every picture of a sunset I've ever taken from my bedroom window.

This latest in the original, had the most amazing mix of beautiful colours, but, unfortunately they have not down-loaded well.

Well, that's my story anyway.

Today it has been almost too hot to breath.  Not my favourite weather by any stretch of the imagination, but I did what housework I had to do early, very early, before it was light.

The dawn chorus means nothing to me, the birds get up so late around here.  Putting out food before they've opened their beaks goes largely unappreciated.

At around 9.30 judging it to be late enough not to waken my weekend snoozing neighbours, I was out chopping bits off my front garden shrubs,  All very unscientific, but necessary in order to see out of my front windows.

After a brief chat with one of the neighbours who informed me it was "a glorious day" I retreated to the comparative coolness of the garage where I had intended to start throwing out some of the accumulated junk of 20 years, only to find large numbers of arachnids lurking in every corner.

Beating a hasty retreat into the already too warm house, I opened every window, upstairs and downstairs,
swigged about a pint of cold water, kicked off my shoes and sprawled on the bed.

The post crashing through the letter-box woke me from my anaesthesia with a jump and I looked incredulously at the clock - one fifteen - am or pm I wasn't sure for a minute.

By my reckoning that was about two and a half hours of total oblivion.  Pure bliss.

If only it were as easy to sleep at night.


  1. Our weather up north has turned distinctly autumnal - and yes, I cannot help but envy you the heat.

  2. Well, we are all different.
    Your envy will be short-lived, I gather we are in for a dose of nasty, quite soon.

  3. I am watching the weather forecast for the rest of the week right now and it is going to get cooler. I do really enjoy the hot weather though.

  4. Perhaps we could arrange a swap Jane. Every time the temperature goes over 75 you can have my share, and I'll take anything down to 10 degrees.
    Extremes of either hot or cold weather make life a misery for me, and as for several days of continuous rain! (time to hibernate).

  5. I hate the cold as well and anything below 15 degrees is too cold for me. I am a 'cold wimp'.

  6. Delicate little blossoms aren't we? Heaven knows how we have managed to survive this long.

  7. I love naps during the day. They are so refreshing!!

  8. Not sure how I feel about day-time napping. On the odd occasion when I'm so tired I have no choice I suppose it's beneficial, but I don't like losing control to such an extent on a regular basis.
    Please don't suggest I should be in analysis.