Wednesday, 27 July 2011

Just Because I Can (Now)

Believe it or not, that there is a rose wot I grew.
Believe it or not it is also a rose wot I photographed with my digital camera.
Believe it or not I have now magically acquired (I hope) the art of storing and using my own pictures on my blog.

Oh frabjous day (do wish the silly s.. would stop underlining words I have deliberately misspelled in red.

A small price to pay for having added - or, if I'm honest had added - to my computer skills all the above.

This was of course, courtesy  of the wonderful one and only technopriest The Vernacular Curate.  For he it was, who once again reined in my wandering wits and kept them screwed to the 'sticking point' till the above mentioned skills were securely mine.

The unimaginable thrill of actually knowing how to do something probably minute in the scheme of things, but so hugely impressive to technoprat me, is hard to explain, but every new trick is like learning a whole foreign language each time.

Now all I have to do, is learn how to take really good photographs and there'll be no holding me.

The rose in question, by the way, is "Twice in a blue moon".  A lovely blue lilac and well worth growing despite its limited number of blooms.

More piccies to follow!


  1. Well done - and what a beautiful subject, especially the colour. Now the secret is to keep doing it so you don't forget how.

  2. Lovely rose, Ray, but even better that you gave us the picture all by yourself. That's one stage further than I can manage. I can take photos and upload them from my PC to my blog, but I'm ashamed to say that I still rely on DH to get them from the camera to the PC.....

  3. Hi Freda
    It really is a lovely rose isn't it?
    The surrounding weeds are not so lovely - that's my next job.

  4. Hi Perpetua
    Yes I am slowly getting there, though what I'll do when David goes I can't imagine. Just scream for help and see who appears I suppose.

  5. Amazing! I too take the pictures, and my husband donwloads them for me, and I get them on the blog. If there are several, he get them on.
    I am truly impressed and inspired by all the new things you've taken up this year.
    I hope to always be as feisty and self-confident as you've proven yourself to be!

  6. Oh Anita, if you only knew how far from feisty I feel most of the time.
    Honestly it's more a question of gritting my teeth and forcing myself to do things, failing, then asking for help.
    Nice to know i have managed to fool a few people though!