Sunday, 31 July 2011


The time has come to admit that my sitting-room is in a bit of a state.

The last time it was decorated was 10 years ago, and it shows!

Currently a sort of clover colour, described as Maddison Mauve, with (then) white paint-work, it is now a sort of greyish mauvish shade of grot, with rapidly yellowing paint-work.

One of the reasons I've shirked the idea of getting someone in to tackle the job is the vast amount of "stuff", which wil have to be moved.

This probably sounds a simple task until i tell you that I have spent the past two hours carefully placing the contents of my china and glass cabinet into four crates and carrying them upstairs into my now mini office.

The room to be decorated is 26 feet long and eleven feet wide in part, only 8 feet wide in the 'dining' end.

Now for those used to modern houses (1980) is that modern?, this will probably sound quite a good size and indeed it was till we started filling it up with furniture, books, records (vinyl) Cds pictures, cat ornaments, glass - both antique and modern (5 decanters)!!!!     Are you beginning to see the problem?

Inveterate collecters of glass and porcelain (we used to 'do' antique fairs, and despite having started to de-clutter  before John's death, there is now enough left to stock a shop.

Much of it i would love to give away, but everyone has gone minimalist, and no-one wants old glass or china any more.  Some of it belonged to my great-grandmother, then my grandmother and then my mother before it became mine.

I have some sentimental attachment to some of it but oh how I wish someone would come and steal it so i could have an easy conscience about  getting rid of  it.

I think most of the rest (tomorrow not today) books records etc. will have to go in the garage.
Since this is home to many arachnids i do not relish this prospect.!

Nevertheless, decorating it needs, and decorating it will get. 

Spare the odd thought for my aching legs and arms when it begins on Tuesday.  (Ihope).


  1. Good luck,Ray. If it were me, I would just paint the visible walls, but my husband wouldn't like the idea.
    Get Oxfam to come and take the things you can bear to part with, so that it proves a blessing. We do Oxfam runs once or twice a month--and are still decluttering!!

  2. A good idea Anita.
    There is an immense amount of stuff which is far from 'junk', but unfortunately our local Oxfam takes only books.
    I guess i could start with those.