Saturday, 9 July 2011


Have just watched England's One Day side win the series against a formidable display of batting from Sri Lanka.

Not everyone's favourite game, nor is the one-day version every cricket fan's favourite form of the game, but I love it.  Quite why is a bit of a mystery to me.
It could conceivably have somethoing to do with my early childhood annual summer holiday visits to my maternal grandparents in South Wales.

Grandpa was an engine driver on GWR and other than his dog Patsy, his garden and steam locomotives the other great love of his life was cricket, and to be more specific, Glamorgan.

His first words to us  on the annual visit would be "who's winning then"?  If, as was often the case, his beloved Glamorgan were playing Warwick, there would be much (supremely ill-informed) discussion about who was the likely winner. 

Since we lived on the edge of Birmingham loyalties were divided between his team and the local one.

All my life i have absolutely detested all team sports with cricket being the sole exception.  These days I know a little more about the game and never miss the chance to watch Test Cricket on TV much to the amusement of most of my family, who know if i was offered the best seat at Wimbledon or a ticket as a gift to the England footbal final I would "throw a sickie". and if dragged along willy-nilly would die of boredom before half-time.

Whether it is just the game itself or something to do with the image - immaculate green grass, perfect pitches warm sunny days, village greens, or The Oval or Lords, I really don't know, nor do i greatly care.  For me cricket is the only game worthy of the name.

Just one more weird facet of a rather weird personality.

Eeh but I am glad we won!


  1. I used to play cricket at school, but was never very good at it. The Ashes series tends to get me hooked over a summer - I enjoy learning how things work with bowling etc., the other thing is that we tend to enjoy things we associate with happy childhood memories. All good for us. Happy watching!

  2. Nice to know there's a fellow addict out there Freda.
    I could never play cricket, nor indeed any other game requiring hand-eye coordination, but I love watching the World's best.