Thursday, 26 May 2011


Does anyone know what a Google looks like.  Has anyone ever seen one.  Where can I find one?  so that I can kill it slowly and painfully!

I have spent the better part of two days desperately trying to comment on other peoples' blogs, access my email and reply to comments on my own blogs.

Each time I try GOOGLE fails to recognise my username and my password.  When trying to post a comment on someone's blog I get as far as "publish comment" press it  and am faced with the offer of setting up a blog and 'choosing' a username and password.

No matter how many times I insert my own user and pass I am told they are incorrect.

What in heavens name else am I to do.

I flatly refuse to be someone else, it's hard enough being me.

This afternoon, for the first time for ages, I was suddenly able to comment on my own blog, but still not on anyone else's.

Does anyone know whether this problem is just specially designed to drive me even further up the wall or are other 'privileged' beings getting the same treatment?


  1. Another phase of issues that beset us all. I lost nearly all of yesterday to the same gremlin. It will fix - well, mine did in the end.

  2. OK Thanks. Just another trivial little 2-day blip then?
    Right, I won't go on looking for a Google.what does a gremlin look like, where can I find one, so I can...............?

  3. Have had a few problems myself today, but thought it might be because I was using my ipad (whilst watching a scary TV prog)

  4. I was going to say "glad someone else is suffering too", but somehow that doesn't sound right.
    Well, you know what I mean.
    Lets hope the 'furies' will depart soon,back to their caves and leave us poor defenceless bloggers in peace.
    Nice to hear from you by the way.

  5. Hi Ray,

    I've been vainly trying to comment on your post since I got back yesterday and simply couldn't get the comment to post. Because of this I've been browsing the Help forum and someone suggested clearing out all your cookies and browsing history, signing out of Google and then, when signing back in, do NOT tick the *Keep me signed in box". I've just done this and it's worked! I'm writing this while signed in and firmly expect to be able to post it. I still don't have my followers showing, but at least this is a step in the right direction....

  6. Hi Perpetua, welcome back.
    Yes we are all having problems and non-one (apart from David, who is too clever for his own good) has yet got it properly sorted.
    I am assuming the barmy system will eventually realise what it is doing and sort itself out. If not, perhaps there will be a mass migration from Blogger!

  7. Thanks, Ray. It's a psin having to sign in every time I come to Blogger, but at least I can now comment. If I tick the "Stay signed in" box the problem starts all over again. Sigh....

  8. Thank you - it worked!! Judyx